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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Interesting eBay item

Not mine, I'm a yank. Interesting item though, don't think they made too many of these. Any comments on it?

I believe some were used on certain models of the SD1. Supposed to make about 20 hp more.
Edd Weninger

I asked the seller what it was from, here's his response:
"From a Rover SD1 Twin Plenum which was a special development for racing. In order to use this system for racing with the TWR team, Rover had to make at least 200 production cars with the system fitted.
As a result, they are extremely rare here in the UK, never mind in the USA."
Tony Bates

450 seems about right it is all complete and working. 500 generally seems to be the mark. I have the twin plenum setup on my project car....I got lucky and found an excellent late SD1 Vitesse donor car. It is possible to machine it to fit under a std bonnet but it is VERY tight. The machining "solution" is different to the single plenum...if anyone wants info pls email me direct. Regarding the various performance claims often made, the consensus is that it doesn't offer any significant performance increase on its own. What it does offer is increased breathing potential should you wish to make serious investments elsewhere.
Pete Green

I saw an article about a pair of USA (1980)SD1 plenum's welded together with right and left inlets. Quite a bit of work as I recall. M
Marc Judson


Your comment surprises me, I have been considering a twin plenium conversion for some time, and I have spoken to SD1 owners who run twins, although they say the HP is officially the same as the single, they report big increases in mid-range torque ( which is what I am looking for).

My measurements of the plenium suggest that it is slightly lower than the single, no problem as I have an RV8 bonnet, but the problem is the room on the n/s wing to fit the 'plumbing' and particularly the 'y' pipe, so I've shelved the plan at the moment possibly in favour of hot-wire.

Incidentally as far as I know the SD1 never had the hot-wire system, so it would appear that the E-bay item is perhaps a bit of a hybrid.

Michael barnfather

As luck would have it, I'm working away at the Blackpool ! (well, St. Anne's actually). Fancy a chat over a beer?
Pete Green

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