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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - It's Alive! (again)

Well, it's back on the road again! Now with a 4L disco engine. I LIKE IT! It even made the 6 mile loop around our mountain at 15mph (speed limit) without getting hot.
(Thanks for the engine Evan)


79 MGB, Rover 4L,RV8 exhaust, Mustang rad,TR7 5spd, stock rear.
Kelly Combes

Congrats Kelly!!!

Feels good to get em runnin doesn't it!!?
Larry Embrey

One of the brave, the few, the sucessful.
Why are you typing when you could be driving?

Peter, I had to stop for a pint (or 2):)

It's been a battle. After the 3.5 gave up, the car had to go into storage because of a move. Well, mice ruined all of the new rubber in the engine bay and shredded the boot carpet. That delayed it's return to the road quite awhile. Now, mouse traps are a standard item in the garage!
Kelly Combes

Hello , Kelly glad to hear your rippen around again . This info. is a little late , but maybe will help this winter & help others , for storage , I have been told that its an old wives tale & doesent work ? well in the 7 or 8 years that I've done it , I've had NO more mouse problems [excuse me : little ba*^ards!] for years I had problems with mice getting up in m/c's exhaust pipes & the empty battery box over the winters and in non runners stashed away in a very non mouse proof storage trailer. They've chewed up wires , pissed everywhere , etc. I dont know who told me to try this but I did & no mice since , buy some moth balls & put some around here & there , trunk , interior floor & under seats , engine compartment , I use those small deli containers & sit em here & there , & I take 2 or 3 & put em in the end of m/c pipes . No more mice !

I'm sure moth balls do the trick but I can't stand the smell either. I'll just have to keep driving it!

I had a good run up to the blue ridge today. It's only about 15 miles from where I live.

I'm ready now. The leaves can start to change any time.
Kelly Combes

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