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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Just a Clarification on V6 Carb Intakes Needed

I made a swap for a stock 2.8 Chevy intake and Carb. He also threw in the 2 barrel top part for an Edelbrock Performer. So I have two options:

1. Install the stock intake and carb.

2. Buy a Performer intake and use the top I got in the trade and the stock carb.

My preference is option two, but I'm still a little confused on hood clearance.

Will the stock intake need modified to fit under the hood?

If I buy the Edelbrock can I use the 2 barrel top piece with a remote air cleaner, or must the top be modified?

Terry M

Edelbrock makes the manifold and is listed for a Jeep V6 (same engine)
The top section of the manifold either 2v or 4v will fit the botton section.
When you refer to stock carb, do you mean the 2v from GM? if you are stay away from it. This carb is a Vera jet. it runs on one barrel and when needed it runs on both, same priciple as the 4v. Some of the later models are computer control.

Use the 4v carb 390 cfm #8007 second choice is to use the Webber 2v or holley 2v.

The Edelbrock top section was made tall to clear the auto trans linkage, this manifold will not fit under the hood.
You have two choices: to cut the top section of the manifold 2" and reweld.
2. is to buy the cnc made top section this will fit under the hood. you can see how it fits.
Bill Guzman

As always Bill you are the man. So I assume what you are telling me is that to use an automatic tranny a bulge in the hood is necessary?
Terry M

Terry, I do not know the reason of why you want an auto trans. But, there are some options.
1 Yes, install a hood scoop. Done with taste they look good.
2. Install the auto trans with a manual shift. I have done this and it's alot of fun.
3. Do without the downshift cable.
Bill Guzman

"Terry, I do not know the reason of why you want an auto trans"

I dunno Bill, its something different, I have a good one lying in my garage floor, it will work better with the 3:90 gears, my wife can drive it easier, I'm getting lazy in city traffic?

If I can ask, why have you built auto tranny MGBs? For customers or curiosity?
Terry M

Good reason Terry, wifes have a big influence. Good question Terry.
The auto trans is great, my wife wishes the MGB's were all auto trans cars. I sold my LT4 Vette and bought a new one with a 6 speed padle shift and auto so that my wife could drive it.
The amount of people who want an auto trans in theri B are just a few, it takes time to design one and to convert a car. The other reason is, as you mention in your post. The 3:90 gears would be a bit low for the first gear in the auto trans. Most auto trans cars high high gear ratios usually below 3:00
Example my new Vette final gear drive is 2:56 with a first gear that has 4:56
Nothing wrong with an auto trans. My old Trans Am had an auto trans which I converted to manual auto trans, it was a real kick.
The 3:90 final drive with a T5 with 2:95 first gear and .68 5th gear is a great combo.
The point is plan the combination of parts you are going to use.
In your case is pretty easy. Look at the Camaro with a auto trans and see what gear ratio it has, transfer that combo into your car and you will really have something. A mini Camaro with 1000+ lb less.
I will very happy to help you in any way I can, you can e-mail me or just call.
Bill Guzman

I had to use a spacer to get the auto trans linkage to clear the valve cover.
I have not tried this, but if the carb is turned 90 degrees to get the linkage to the front, things might clear. The accel linkage could be more trouble and you may have to lengthen the TV cable to the trans, but all that should be possible.

Good Luck.

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