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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - KY/TN test ride?

I have the "fever". I know what everybody says about the power, and I won't be disappointed, but I would still LOVE a test ride (note, no drive) before I start. Anyone in the KY/TN area have a V-8 conversion that would give me a ride for 5 minutes? I'll buy your lunch.

I've located a donor car, but I can't get to it until this weekend.

DV Vaughn

I am unsure of you knowlede of MG's. If you are new to them I HIGHLY recommend you either get a restoration book or bring someone that know the cars with you to look at the donor car. Rust can be a major issue and you need to know were to look, many cars look great visually only to reveal catastrophic rust under layers of bondo of fiberglass. Worst case bring a magnet and run it all over the can, especially the door sills (rockers)..
Larry Embrey


I gotta concur with Larry.

MGs in our area that are driven in the winter are very suspect. Remember we are talking about a unibody vehicle. Anything more than minor rust around the fenderwells can mean compromised structural integrity. You are going to be spending quite a bit doing the conversion already. Don't let a bad body eat up those funds. Find a good solid car even if it means a more expensive car that still has a running stock & trans.

As for a ride, come on down. Don't expect to have your eyeballs set back, though. I'm still trying to find about 50 ponies that are missing. Heck we have a guy in our club with a turbo (& Harley carb) 4 banger that is faster than my V8. :(

Larry, Keep your eyes open for me a car. The owner of the donor I was looking at, just phoned me, and told me she sold it today. Oh well there will be others.
DV Vaughn

DV, I will, but KY is a trip from WA heh. What I find interesting is the number of V8's we have here.. We had a british Fuel meet a number of months back and thier were 5 conversions and one original, and I know of 2 or 3 that did not show and 5 more local cars being built right now. So we have 14+ conversion right here in the Puget sound.
Larry Embrey

Try Andy Achauer in Zanesville Oh. He's got a perfect specimen for you to look at. He even let me take it for a spin this summer! He also does the conversions and sells all the parts you'll need. You can find his number on

Good luck


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