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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Lightening Buick flywheel

Hi guys,
I'm using the Buick flywheel behind my Olds-Buick engine. I'm going to have it magnafluxed, lightened, and balanced. My question is: I plan to take the ridge around the circumference, which is nearly 1" high and 5/8"thick, down to about 1/16" to 1/8" above the flywheel surface. Does anyone have any experience with this as to if that's in the ballpark? Any info will be appreciated. Joe
Joe Ullman

I know someone's done this.
Joe Ullman

Call up Glenn he will know and presumably it's not a state secret he just did this to my Rover and it's a good thing. I forget his # ... 302- something!
David D.

I have done it! I had the edge machined COMPLETELY off and the entire surface of the flywheel ground flat. I was able to use a larger diameter clutch disc because of this change. Worked just fine and had no problems with this set-up.

Harrison Manell

After running the stock Buick flywheel, bellhousing, pressure plate, etc. (between a Buick motor and a T5) for about eight years, I decided to upgrade the whole system. I had the "ring" removed from the flywheel (completely), and I also had the friction surface slightly reground. While I was in there I installed a Tilton HTOB, and I started to replace the original Borg-and-Beck (3-finger) style pressure plate with a Chevy-S10 spec diaphragm unit... That part didn't work out. As I recall, the Tilton HTOB didn't have enough length in its extended position to work the diaphragm pressure plate. In fact, it's really marginal with the original pressure plate. Getting the HTOB dialed in gave me a bad headache, but it's working okay now (although I'd much rather have a new-style pressure plate.) The good news is that I haven't had any problems at all with the lighter flywheel. I forget how many POUNDS of metal were removed - but of course it's all at the outer radius, so it makes a really noticeable improvement in throttle response.

My flywheel weighed in at 33.2 lbs to start, and by removing the rim, took off 4.8 lbs. It's in now to get the ring gear reversed and for balancing. Magnefluxing showed no flaws. I'm using a new stock three-finger pressure plate, and a custom 9-1/8", 26 spline disc, with a Mcleod HTOB. I didn't see the need to go to a huge clutch in such a light car, with about 200 hp. Thanks for the input. Joe
Joe Ullman

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