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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Lightweight Rubber Bumpers

Is it possible to get hold of 'fake' rubber bumpers - ones that look the same as original but weight just a couple of kilos each ?

Russell Morgan

I have considered using mine to make a reverse mold and then make at least the front out of fiberglass. Maybe later this summer when I get bored. If you find any premade, please let us know!

G.P. Copes

One of the V8's for sale on eBay recently claimed to have fiberglass replacement rubber bumpers that were a better and tighter fit to the body than the originals. It was hard to tell from the photos, but I did notice that the owner never installed the little filler panels below the rear lights, so there was a big gap between the bumper and the light.

In any case, I didn't get the seller's e-mail address. Did anyone else?


British American Motors makes the fiberglass versions of the rubber bumpers and shows pictures of them on their website. The address is: I've thought about using them, but I've only ever heard bad things about British American Motors, so I'm a little leary to drop the cash to them right now. Anyone have an opinion either way on British American Motors?


I purchased a v-8 hood that looked like an MGC about 2 years ago and thought the craftmanship looked great. All vital areas were reinforced and the glass finnish looked great. It had an excellent fit and was shipped as promised.
Like I said it was two years ago.
I was told that he changed locations and lost his glass person just before I purchased. It takes a while to come back from that and maybe quality changed but I had great luck

I did not see a rubber bumper on the morspeed site, just thier one piece nose which is a chrome bumper look.. Did I miss something??
Larry Embrey

They don't specifically show a picture of the rubber bumper, but there is a section where they talk about it under their bumper conversions section, and I'm pretty sure the green car has them. Otherwise they wouldn't have pictures of the car grouped with their other bumper pictures....


Greetings all,

Does anyone have any feedback on the integrated bumper/spoiler shown at the site above? It looks pretty slick, at least to me, and for $300 for the front, if it's good quality, seems a good option as I rebuild the '78.



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