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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - limited slip

I was wondering if anyone on the board knows if the limited slip made by phantom grip will work on a 69 MGB
JRP on the v6mgb web site asked them, this is what he posted(For $300 they sell LSD units for Triumphs (TR3/6) and Austin-Healy Sprite. I asked them it this unit would fit in a MGB. Their reply was a question,

"Is this the same as the MGA?
We need a little more information. Maybe it shares the same carrier as
a triumph/a healy or the mga."
that is one hell of a price and if it would work for an mgb it would definitely help.
Any info would be greatly apreciated.

Don't order one based on my comments, but I think the gears from the early MGB banjo rear and the MGA are interchageable.

I don't think it would work for the later tube type rear end.

The pumpkin from the MGBs with a banjo rear end will bolt up to a MGA differential housing. I put one in my MGA in 1975. The later MGAs have the same spline count on the axels as the MGBs with a banjo rear end. Makes the MGA a better highway cruiser.

Al Wulf

Al Wulf

I was actually hoping some one with more knowlage about MG's could check out the website and see if it would work with the later tubed type axle and if not why it would not. I would call them or email them but my knowlage of MGB is at a biginer level.
thanks again

I autox a 74 MGB in the US and have talked to 2 people at Phantom Grip. Originally they said that they might be able to make there limited slip work in an MGB and wanted me to send them my diff(shipping both ways whether they could do it or not). Then a few months later I went back to them and they said that they didn't have anything in the works right now and they didn't know when they would. I too have been looking for a decently priced LSD and think that Phantom Grips LSD could work well, although it may not be the best way to go about it. If any of you have seen how they work it is actually quite simple the way they use the stock diff with springs and weights to put pressure on the spider gears and lock it up. Locking up the diff is not the best way(I've already done it on my B) because the wheels are turning at the same speed. This causes the car to understeer through corners. I would also question how long this setup would last on the street because of the added pressure and wear to the spider gears. With all that said, I would still like to be able to use it in a B because although a Quaife is the way to go, I can't afford a $1200 LSD.

Kyle Freiheit 74 BGT
Paul Tegler

I contacted Phantom Grip today and got this reply:
"We have not made specific in house fitment on the differential,but have received the measurments for the mgb diff. Our reference part # 905-gold with minor spider gear resurfacing would fit this model."


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