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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Looking to buy GT V8

I am looking at buying a V8 GT conversion
It has a 3.5 V8 witha a rover 5 speed box
what are the things i should be looking for when i go and view it
cheers in advance

I'd take along someone who's done a conversion. All sorts of little things matter a ton. If it's a CB car, the artfulness with which they've rigged the steering can be a leading indicator of how well the whole job was done. It's the very first thing I look at, anyhow, when I pop the hood on a V8 conversion. Other than that, there are so many variables it's hard to know where to begin. Talk to the owner, and learn about every subsystem and why they chose to solve the problem in the way they did. Before you go, try to gain access to a car that was converted by someone who really knows the game, like the late great Trevor Taylor, and take some pix/notes to have a point of comparison. It's not to say that a V8 conversion must be aesthetically pure to be a good car, but it's a step in the right direction.

Just a simple question, why buy a BGT conversion, when there are plenty of genuine factory V8's for sale???
These are built for the job as it were, and not a one off unique car which a conversion will be... Just a thought.
KD Rowson

Ah well I bought this evening pick it up Sat morning
Martin Price

Martin - congratulations - just try to get as much documentary evidence as you can. You will need to know what you have got when you come to replace bits

If only 'The Beast' were for sale. You poor thing for having to settle for second best.

I hope you're going to upgrade to John Eales 4.6 Rangie power.

To all,
jonesy is not only insulting the MGC-crowd, he´s also around in the V8-boards and he´s no better there. All he does is insulting contributors and campaigning his "John- Eales V8 MG". Maybe we should inform John Eales ( that one of his customers is going to ruin John Eales name on the MG BBS - or should it be that jonesy get´s paid the John for this sort of "advertising"?? (just thinking.....)

today I sent this mail to the webmaster of this board:

Dear sir,

may I ask you kindly to take action against a "gentleman" going by the nick of "jonesy". He is constantly abusing the threads on the BBS to insult contributors, to rage against everything from the use of "american english" to any car mentioned on this BBS, except his "4.6 litre MGBGT built by John Eales".

So far he has turned up in 7 or 8 threads and all he does is cursing and insulting.

Would you please consider banning this guy from the BBS. I think I am writing in the name of many BBs-users who are insulted and annoyed by "jonesy".

This board should be kept clean from Spammers and people who do not have the ability to behave socially and to accept and tolerate other people and their minds.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

greetings and SafetyFast!

Jörn-M. Müller-Neuhaus
vice president of the MG Drivers Club Germany

Nice thought, but it would be hard to keep 'Jonesy' from coming back in some other persona; I believe that he's been banned before, but 'he's back'. On the other hand, I doubt that anyone takes him seriously as he's so utterly obnoxious. Also, he sets a good standard for the lower end of the usefulness scale; something for everyone to aspire not to be.

Cheers, Joe
Joe Ullman

As long as you draw interest to him he will continue to annoy people here because he is getting the reaction that he seeks. Therefore by seeking to ban him you are simply feeding him more power to annoy you. Ignore him and he will get tired and go away
gerry masterman

Absolutely Joe/Gerry but to get back to the thread Martin - what's it like then ?

(PS don't ask him what he has paid boys or you will get all the other nuts going too )

Bloody excellent i did not realise they were that quick
Safety Fast

have a look if you like

Out of interest what did you pay for it, if you don't mind me asking. Looks nice BTW. Looks like you need a couple of V8 badges for the tailgate and wing!!
KD Rowson

Sorry to e-mail you direct KD
So what do you think it is worth folks

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