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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Louvers

I am considering putting some louvers in the hood of my MGB 74.5 which has a Rover 3.5. I was wondering if any one can direct me to site which have pictures of louvers or, I have a cable connection, if you have any and care to send them I would like to take a look at them.

Thank You


The louvers I have seen look great, but what do you do about rain? Is there a way to fabricate the hood so that there are drains that take away water? ... how do Firebirds, certain Mustangs, etc. deal with water, or do they just put the vents far away from the tricky stuff in the engine bay that a little rain isn't an issue?

I have just had a bonnet louvered, the bonnet is an RV8 bonnet, with two rows of louvres alongside the bonnet bulge. A local company done the work for 40. I will take some pictures of the bonnet tomorrow and email if you wish.
Ian Sanders

Yes, please e-mail the pictures. I don?t have a bulge in my hood but I am looking for a design. What did you do about the rain getting in?

Jaguar had louvres on the V12 E type (called an XKE I think in the US) fitted over the top of stainless steel "trays" or "deflector plates".
These sat underneath the hood and above the engine so hot air escaped but rain water and car washing water etc. ran in through the louvres, dripped onto the "trays" below and ran out onto the ground without soaking the electrics.

BTW Bruce, there is another alternative I have seen used and that is to cut a "slot" across the hood in the space between the radiator and the engine. The MGC has a hood buldge with a chrome strip in about the right place.
The trailing edge is bent down thus forming an outlet for hot radiator air. This location is usually free from most electrical items as well.
HTH, Cheers, Pete, Sydney, Australia
Peter Thomas


Pictures are on their way. Car not finished yet so not sure what will happen with rain, just a toy, the only wetting should be washing, the louvres probably sit about six inches in from the side and 12 inches or so from the back of the bonnet.


Ian Sanders

The measurements are as follows. 10 Louvres, 4 inch wide, 3.5 inch from edge of bonnet, 14 inch from back of bonnet. The louvres follow the edge of the bonnet, so the louvres appear to point inwards.
Ian Sanders


I put backward facing louvres on an RV8 bonnet, and have had no trouble with rain, and I live in a very rainy area!!

I did however cure my ovrheating when at a standstill in hot weather (yes we get this too).

on the whole a very worthwhile mod.

Mike Barnfather
Michael barnfather

Here are a few pictures from a different part of this site.
George Champion

Interesting - but do louvres in the back of the bonnet (hood) let hot air out when driving or let cool air in??

Taking the rubber lip seal off the back of the engine bay probably gives as much ventilation as louvring the bonnet and avoids the rain problem

Holes into the wheel arch provide better exits for hot air when driving as the wheel arch is a low pressure area.
Chris Betson

Chris, is that really true? Why is the rubber seal there in the first place? Won't the bonnet rattle around without it? If you're right, that is a killer idea, if like me you like to keep things stock-appearing.

I like the idea of vents in the wheel arch, I think this would work best. Is there a vent which would suit it self to this application/

You can see louvers on my MGBV8 at:

Ted, I think the seal is there to stop any oil vapour getting onto the windscreen - my bonnet doesn't rattle around without the seal and I haven't noticed any oil smoke coming out that way either ( but then the engine is oil tight anyway!)
Chris Betson

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