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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Louvertrays...ripped off!

Last year somebody posted the website for a neat product which prevented water draining through your bonnet louvers. The site is I contacted them by e-mail and ordered a set last December 2000 which cost me US$40 x 1.6 exchange rate. I have never seen the product yet although the supplier said he sent them. He doesnot return phone calls and now he has stopped returning my e-mails. This is my story for your information. Thanks.


Yeah, same thing happened to me except that their emails are returned as undeliverable. Still, if you look at their web sits they look pretty easy to make

Report them to the internet crime center. I doubt you'll get anything back, but at least they will have them on file.

Michael Hartwig

I got a set and was really disappointed with the quality ... much too flimsy. Almost certainly a waste of money. Clever idea, though ... made me realize you could easily build something like this to install permanently, and cut a hole in the side, and thus have the ventilation afforded by louvers plus rain protection. Haven't been able to get up the gumption yet to have the hood louvered, though.

I looked at the site and am unclear how the hot air gets out if the product is in place. Anyway I don't think water ingress in louvers is a big issue. I drove a Morgan in the UK and you do not get a car with more louvers than a Morgan. There never was a problem with water on the engine despite rain every day.

I got an e-mail today from the owner of louvertray promising to send them immediately. We will see but now I expect to be disappointed. I just want them for when the car is standing outside in a downpour. I don't plan to use them when driving...even in the rain.

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