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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - LS1 in a C???!?

I just acquired a decent MGC, engine-less. Given that the front suspension was designed for a 650-pound motor, I can't help wondering what would happen if I tried to shoehorn a Chevy LS1 in. Perfect weight match -- if anything, probably lower CG to boot. Anyone ever done this? Or am I just being totally ridiculous? I'll yank the heater, but I am not willing to shorten the footwell boxes, other than perhaps up top.

I believe that the aluminum block LS1 will come in quite a bit less than 650 lbs. At a rating of 320 HP and 330 ft/lbs of torque, it may be more than you want to handle without a lot of modifications.

A small block chevy is only about 575 lbs. A 454 is 100 lbs heavier. (Thanks to Dave William's site)

The LS1 has a shipping weight of about 475. Seems to me you might want to go with a 302 with aluminum heads for more HP cheaper than an LS1. I have researched the LS1 too, but it is a little rich for more pocketbook (at nearly $6,000 for a crate engine).
Michael Wish

More HP out of a 302 than an LS1? I must have my facts and figures wrong.

How heavy _is_ a C motor, BTW? Maybe the suspension would be too stiff. But that engine bay is a little roomier; gotta love that.

Just comparing HP on crate engines. The GM Performance crate engine is rated at 320 HP. MAny 302 crates are rated higher than that.
Michael Wish

The only other point I was trying to make is that HP parts are available at less cost than the LS1.
Michael Wish

Mike,you may want to contact Steve Carrick.He just completed his car with a 302 crate engine,rated at 345.I have a 302 that I built myself that dyno'd at 325 and have many miles on it with few chassis mods at all.Neither motor is an easy conversion however.Email me directly for Steve's address.

How does a 302 make more horsepower than an LS-1? You will be lucky to hit the 400 horse mark on a Fomoco 302 whereas 400 is nothing for an LS1. If you think itll fit and you have the money, I would do it. No 302 can touch an LS1. Knowing about the 5.0's, there is a lot you can do to them but a lot of them wont make 400 without some sort of forced induction or NOS fogger system being used. A Chevy motor is better.
Jarrod Hills

Hey Mike I say go for it,If you are good with your hands and have a little money it can be done, I am one of the few crazys that put a small block chevy in my B and I love driving it...

Wild ride, Dave, nice job. Nice wesite, too.
Regards, Joe
Joe Ullman

Yeah, Dave's project was quite a feat. Looks like he might even still have the heater. True Dave?

I was asking my local chevy parts man what an aluminum Corvette engine would go for and he said around 5 large. Guess I should have been more specific, but to my mind that would make a pretty incredible package. If I was starting over I think I'd do it.
Jim Blackwood

Thanks for the compliments guys,Jim your car is going to be one radical ride I like that its coming along nicely,The heater can be put back in,I left that area alone in case I deceided to put it back in,But the car is mainly a summer car so for now I have a block off plate that I made where the heater goes...


Seems like I keep slowing down a little each year. Still, barring any misshap I should have plenty of time to finish it. I've been thinking about the front pivot again and am looking into two options. One converts the struts I have on there now into small hydraulic cylinders and adds two more for the tilt, with an ABS pump to operate them. The other involves an elbow linkage and another gas strut on each side. I'm going to try mocking that one up on a pegboard to see if it will work the way I want. The Hydraulic one is more complicated, as I need a location for the pump and such but considering where the battery is it would be pretty foolproof and the motion should be smoother.
Jim Blackwood

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