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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MAG ( Costello ) wheels

I have bought a set of MAG wheels. The size is 6 x 14.
I think these are the type of wheels which where as option on the early Costello conversions. Is anybody there who has these wheels on his GT, and can give me advice which tyre size fits best on these wheels ?
Many thanks for your help,

Are they this style?

Hello Jake, yes, they are exactly this style.



I have 6.5x14 Shelby wheels on my 79 roadster with 205-60x14 tires (a hard size to find) they fit great in the front, but they only work on the rear because I have a narrower wire wheel axle on the rear with disc wheel hubs and brakes. I actually had to space the rear wheels out 1/4 inch to clear the inner fenders.

The car handles great with all that rubber on the road and no changes to the bodywork.


Assuming you have a stock width rear axle, 185/65/14 is ideal. Allen is correct if you have the narrower wire wheel axle converted to steel wheel hubs. 205/60/14 is a great tire size. 195/60/14 ties are a possibility with the stock axle, but may foul the outer rear fenders in hard cornering. A slight flare with a baseball bat or folding the lip on the rear fender may work with the 195's.
Jim Stuart

Thank you Alan and Jim for your advice.
I have a stock width axle, so i think i try 195/60/14, and look how it fits under the fenders.

Does anybody know , did i need special wheel nuts for the MAG wheels, or can i use the nuts from my original GT V8 Dunlop wheels?


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