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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MagnaFlow Muffler

Has anyone used a MagnaFlow muffler, MPE-11378? It's a dual in, dual out 2 1/4" that will fit nicely where the stock MGB rear muffler space is. And its stainless steel to boot.

Here is the Summit Racing Link to see it.

Cost is reasonable at $86.95.
About my only concern is that it may be a little loud.

When I finished my conversion, a medium wild 215, I had the muffler shop run 2 pipes all the way to the back and then y'd them into an existing rear muffler. I knew it was too restrictive, but hadn't found a suitable size dual in, dual out muffler till now.

Anyway, just wanted some thoughts, I have already ordered it.

Richard Morris

It'll be loud. Might want to get two.

Jim Blackwood

The other problem you may encounter is that the width will make it difficult to center it over your current rear most bracket and still clear the gas tank. I have a similar asymmetric single in and out from Borla that is not as wide as the one you are looking at and it barely clears and wouldn't if it wasn't asymmetric. On my supercharged MGB the sound with this muffler is quite nice and definitely not too loud. Mine is the oval one listed on the Universal muffler section of the Borla website that is 2" inlet and outlet. Obviously you could just move the support bracket laterally and be fine.

I think it will fit fine. As soon as it comes in and I get it on, I will post some pictures. remember, it's 2 pipes in and 2 pipes out in one muffler. The body is an oval that is 4x9" and the case length is only 11 inches long. Pretty small. I measured the max width between the tank and the leaf spring and its not like 12 " or so. (I have really got space).

Look at the link I posted, it shows how the muffler looks and also measurements. They had a polished one but it was just more money. My muffler guy is a real wizard. I know it will look good.

Richard Morris

The 2 into 1 fits great. My catylist is the same type and location. I would suggest running a brace from the muffler to the gearbox to take the downward load and vibration stress of the headers.
M Mallaby

Didn't realize you could be too loud!!!!!!
GLG Lavis

I should have it on the car early December. I will take some pictures and give a loudness report.

I really figured a lot of guys would be thrilled that I found a 2 in and 2 out dual that fits in the stock location.

Richard Morris

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