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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mallory distributor,which one?

Does anyone has expierience which Mallory distributor
will fit to an MG B with Rover SD1 engine ?
I think my Lucas Distributor doesn't work correct,
and I maybe want to change it to an Mallory distributor. Which Mallory will work with my engine( SD 1, 3500ccm,twin SU HIF 6 on MGB GT V 8 inlet manifold) and will fit under my bonnet?
Thank you for your help.

Thomas Assmann
Thomas Assmann

I put a Mallory dual point/vacuum advance distributor on my Buick V6 engined MGBGT.
A supreme quality product, totally adjustable advance rate and ramp (with "adjustment kit").
I have a part number for the B.O.P. aluminum V8, but the Rover may have detail differences in the oil pump drive area. It would be best for you to contact either Mallory direct, or try Jeg's (where I bought mine).

Mallory: (702) 882 6600 USA
Jeg's: (614) 294 5050 USA

Good luck,
Randy Forbes

Did you know the factory fitted dual-point distributors in the '30s? Not a lot of people know that.
Paul Hunt

I never knew that.
I know that I would like to have an MGPA Airline Coupe' though, unless I could find a Magna.
I promise I won't modify a thing if I ever get one.
There, I've said it.
Randy Forbes

There are a number of Mallory distributers that would suit your car and all fit under the bonnet. Best thing to do is call RPI engineering in the UK (01603) 891209. Regards,


After what I have experienced with my freinds V8 which is fitted with a Mallory Dual Point distributor-you do not want to touch one of those things with a barge pole.

I konow that US V8ers will not agree with me-but the picture is different over here in the UK.You often find that Mallory dizzys are fitted because they are cheaper than a Lucas OE exchange unit. So you save say 50-70 UKP then find that real steel are the only suppliers in the UK of Mallory spares and the points are something silly like 8-9 UKP ea (x2!) and they haven't heard of Mallory down at Halfords......

The condenser has let my friend down badly-like 3hours at the side of the road and leave the car at the garage so that the parts could be mailed from real steel.....Of course it's different in the US where I should think that any decent speed shop sells Mallory bits..On the Rover the Condensor seems to end up wedged agianst the front edge of the inlet manifold

In Europe I would only fit a Lucas OE dizzy-preferably the sort fiited to the Rover Vittesse with the separate amplifier unit and the blue cap.(35DM8)


John Bourke

(Ps any fellow v8ers in Germany going to meet up with the UK V* register tour there in september?0
John Bourke

Thank you all for your support, but has anyone else than John Bourke some personal expierience with the Mallorys?


Thomas Assmann


I've had good luck with mallory ignition, both Uni-lite & Dual Point.
If I were buying a new distributor I'd get a Uni-lite without vacuume advance.

Dwight McClain

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