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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MG 2006

Fellow MG Enthusiasts!

It was announced Saturday evening at the banquet from the University Motors Summer Party Reunion that the next all-MG Register gathering to be held in North America will be:

June 22-25, 2006 in the Great Smokey Mountains near Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.


You will have the driving vacation of your lifetime! The Great Smokey Mountains National Park offers some fantastic MG roads; the Tail of the Dragon with it's 318 turns in 11 miles is nearby; the Blue Ridge Parkway is also near!

There will be something for everyone...from infants to "octagenarians"!

Watch this BBS for more information!


rick ingram
Executive Director
North American Council of MG Registers
rick ingram

GREAT! Looking forward to it! Let me know how I can help, since I live right there.

We're having the 2006 V8 meet here in Townsend as well. How does everyone feel about having it June 18 - 21? This would allow you to attend TWO meets for the price of one trip, but the two meets would not overlap, and you would not have to pick and choose which events you wanted to participate in.

With a whole week scheduled for this area, you could get to do a lot of sightseeing, and still get a lot of MG and/or British V8 activites. As Rick pointed out, this is a fantastic place to drive MGs in.

Let me know how you feel, I'm still in the planning stages. Having it in June would eliminate the Street Rod show, and the weather would be a tad warmer. On the otherhand, school would be out, so the kids could come along with you.

In response to popular demand, we will definitely have an autocross, and I'm looking into having a riverboat dinner cruise. The BBQ and the Bluegrass band will be back, as well as the riverside picnic and the great dinner at the Park Grill in Gatlinburg.

I'm planning to eliminate the things I did wrong last time, and add a few more nice touches to make the 2006 event even better than 2003.

And this time, I plan on remembering it! No drugs this time (unless I fall out of a tree again, in which case my wife will kill me and I won't be able to make the show at all - she's already promised to kill me if I even think about getting up in a tree again).
Dan Masters

I believe that Namgurber or however it is spelled will be out here in the next few years, maybe 2005?? Not sure if I heard, Portland, Seattle or Vancouver though.. Just remember they were working on it..
Larry Embrey

I thought it was MG2005 @ Olympia, WA hosted by MGCCNWC (MG Car Club Northwest Centre) seems to be live and indicates it is indeed in our state capital
Aaron Whiteman

NAMGBR's annual convention will indeed be in Olympia, Washington in July 2005! Registrations are now being accepted! It will be a great meet! I plan on driving their in an MG...either the MGC or the B/GT V8.

rick ingram

Rick, BRING THE V8!! We are trying to get the interest level up over here for a V8 meet. We have at least 6-8 V8's right here in the Tacoma, OLY area.

Yes like I said I thought our club was working on it. heh MGCCNWC is a great group of people..
Larry Embrey

Dan, I'm coming regardless of when you plan to have it. Given the choice of another boring bunch of 4 cylinder cars & a lot of stupid speeches & a street rod show, I vote for Pigon Ford. Sorry, Rick, nothing personal.

I am embarassed to say I went to the Twist Banquet. At least the ticket was free. Another bunch of people taking a very long time to say nothing. I left in the middle of the U.K rep of the MGCC spending a REAL long time telling us who he was. Not a bashful person at all.

Funniest part was Twist ran out of food before the last 60 or so people were served. They eventually got some burgers for their $30.00 ticket.
Jim Stuart

Where can we get an entry form.
Bill Guzman

I'm interrested !! Rick & Jim, lets make some plans for the trip out.

Steve Carrick

It's starting to look like they are reading the British V8 Meet calendar. ;)

After we crashed Twist's Summer Party Reunion, I counted 32 MGs in the V8 class (including the original MGB/GT V8s & one V6).

Sounds like a great plan, Dan!
Carl Floyd

Sounds like a plan, EXCEPT...the V8 meet would be before the 4-banger event. Wouldn't that be having desert before the salad? Sue and I will be there regardless of the date. I should have the backfire cured by then?
Kurt Schley

I am working with Dan in an effort to provide the best MG week available to all involved.

It was never my intent to try to combine the British V8 meet with MG 2006. Dan and I hope to enhance the experience for all holding the V8 meet either immediately before or immediately after the all-Register meet.....If the V8's would participate a little bit in MG 2006, we may be able to convince more enthusiasts who are just sitting on the fence to convert their four bangers!

I believe that Dan is planning on holding British V8 2006 in Townsend at the Highland Manor Inn, same as 2003. All activities for the event would be based out of there....with the exception of the autocross, of course!

He'll have more information out on it soon, I'm sure!



rick ingram

Wow I'm torn. The hotrod show in Knoxville was SWEET. I picked up a lot of great ideas there, and I'd love to go again. The dragon was a blast, and the weather was absolutely amazing. MG2006 sounds fun, but Tennessee in the Spring is great - it's usually not too hot and humid, probably not a ton of vacation traffic, and we get the hotrod show. Maybe we can make 2 trips - one in April and one in June? :)

The idea of being stuck behind a 4 banger on the dragon scares me. ;-)


As Rick said, the two events will not be combined. If the preference is to have the V8 meet in conjunction with the MG 2006, they will be completely different events, with no overlap. You can come for one or the other, or both, without missing any of either.

My preference is to have the V8 meet in May, for various reasons, but I'll do whatever the majority wants.

The first week in May is by far the best time to be in Tennessee, and there is the Street Rod show. The Dragon will be much less crowded then (and much less dangerous), as will the rest of the roads in this area.

The only benefit of having the two events close together is for those who want to do both. If we do this, you can get two meets for the price of one trip. Most folks only have two weeks for vacation, so one week would get two events, saving a week for something else. On the other hand, coming to tennessee twice is not a bad thing!

I live here, so it's no biggie for me either way. I just want to make it best for the most. Let me know your preferences. No need to justify your preference, just let me know. Majority rules! May or June? Just send me a one word e-mail, either "May" or "June" and I'll follow the crowd (that's the reason I joined the V8 club, so I could be a conformist. Yeah, right).

The V8 meet will be, as Rick stated, at the Highland Manor inn. Most of the events will be the same as 2003, with a few extra thrown in for good measure. I'm going to try to make the 2006 V8 meet the best ever.

Whichever way we decide, Rick and I (and a lot of others) will be working to make the MG 2006 the best meet ever as well (holding it in Tennessee is almost like cheating, we have such an unfair advantage here).
Dan Masters

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