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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MG RV8 Cross member conversion

Have any of you used the RV8 front end in your V8 conversions. Will it cause a chrome bumper B to sit higher?
It is covered in Oct/Nov1999 MG World but only briefly. Brown and Gammons offers it. Does anyone know of a good source for one here in the states?

I have been curious about this conversion ever since I saw one of those crossmembers in the Brown & Gammons showroom in 1997. I have heard very little about them, probably due to the cost. In 1997, the cost was 1762 UK pounds, something over $2800, and that didn't include shipping.

It sure looked elegant, though!

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

If I were you I should go for the Ron Hopkinson coli-over conversion. It is well made and good value for money. Then go buy a ventilated 4 pot disc kit later.
bob pulleyblank

Check out the Roadster Factory. Their catalog shows MGB bodyshells and front crossmember from the RV8. Website is They also have TR8 parts catalogs with lots of rover parts.
Bruce Harland

I have imported an RV8 X-member from the UK and fitted it, quite simple, although be aware the track is a little wider.
I lowered it to chrome bumper specs, relocated the rack mounts, and the steering arms needed relocation, but the end result is excellent.
Adrian Akhurst

The RV8 crossmember uses rubber bumper base dimensions in terms of mounting position and end ride heights.

Roger Parker

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