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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGA with S2000 engine and gearbox.

I just thought I'd post this here so that it'll at least be in the archives, if someone's looking for info now or in future.

And while I'm at it, I might as well post an MGA Buick/Rover V8, too:-

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving.

Derek Nicholson

the ultimate mg dvd from the uk has this mga with the s2000 driveline as a feature car. seeing it driven on a track with a professional driver is a real kick. i have talked with pip the owner several times and i think the car and workmanship are second to none.
james madson

There was never any doubt that the MGA was the prettiest ever MG -


Wonderful - thanks. Always figured the S2000 was a good plan.
Bill Spohn


My B GT V8 also featured in the Ultimate MG DVD to which you referred.

Whilst the cars were being filmed I had the opportunity of examining them all in detail, and talking with the owners.

Pip's MGA is really nice & I endorse James's comments and those on the DVD.

I have no commercial interest in promoting the DVD, but it would make an excellent Christmas present; it's only 5.00 plus postage!

Nigel Steward

yes nigel, i drooled over your car also on the video, just watched it again last night. did you get some track time behind the wheel at the filming also? sure looks like fun, jim
james madson

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