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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB (?) V8

Sure, looks just like my '68 'B parts car!
Derek Nicholson

May be Cal Ace body kit on an MGB. ? Or ,there was a few Cobra kit makers that used MGB front suspension.
Kelly Combes

Could be that the owner used a MGB title to get it registered. Bypasses emissions laws in some states.
Bill Young

Where's the B in this?

Frank de Groot


Geoff King

Bad taste?
Michael barnfather

PS Frank.....another one with a hump on the bonnet !!!

Michael barnfather

AAARGH!!! When my courses are over, I will again put effort in this bloody plenum chamber! It WILL FIT WITHOUT HUMP!
Okay, I'll take my pills.

Frank de Groot

This thread was discussed between 31/01/2004 and 02/02/2004

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