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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - mgb rear disk brakes

I have an mgc rear axel in my mgb conversion i would like a disk brake swap does any body know of any, besides the mga tween cam? any aftermarket? thankyou.

dear disk brake question, check volvo 240
john hudson

A rear disc conversion is a waste of time and money on a B. The drums are adequate. Spend it on 4 pots and a vented disc for the front.
robert pulleyblank

I agree with Robert, infact for racing you would want smaller rear wheel cylenders for more balance brakes under hard braking.
Robert, could you elaborate on the 4 pots calipers.
I was planning on making a Ford or GM caliper adapter.
Thanks Bill
William Guzman

G'Day Bill

There are quite a few people over here usung Volvo 4-pot callipers. I believe that they are found on all of the 200 series Volvos. They are often used with a Nissan 300 ZX front disc(ventilated), although I do not know all of the details about the disc.



William, I bought a kit from a great little company in England who specilise in this sort of thing called Hi-spec Mototsports. In fact I sent Geoff a stub axle to make sure everything fit well. I understand a ventilated disc from a Volvo Turbo is used together with Austin Princess 4 pot calipers. Rather than screw around, I would advise anyone to buy the complete kit from Hi-spec. I seem to remember having paid 250 quid which is a bargain and I was delighted with the result. Hi spec can be reached on 011-44-1-474-707733.
robert pulleyblank

Bob, what is the approximate amount of 250 quid in dollars? Thanks.

David Atherton

Around $420, but that includes vat at 17&1/2 % so you should ask Geoff yourself and dont forget the cost of freight.
robert pulleyblank

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