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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGB SCCA V8 racer on Ebay

I have NO financial interest in this car. I merely stumbled on it in my usual Ebay surfing. thought might be of interest.. Buikc V8 powered etc..
Larry Embrey

I say! He doesn't mind the occasional exaggeration does he? Only one piece front end in existance?? I'd say not! And did the factory build V8 roadsters, or did he chop the top off a GT? I'm not sure how else it could be an original MGB V8. I ought to send him a photo of mine just for orneryness.
Jim Blackwood

He's gotta do what he's gotta do to make a sale. Whoever said Car salesman said ANYTHING truthfull? :-P

Looks like allot fun though you have to admit!
Larry Embrey

I Do like the the fact that he kept the rubber-bumpered concept in his fiberglassing! rick
rick ingram

Rick, I do too.. loks very much like a RV8 front end.
Larry Embrey

Must be that time of year. Check out this V8 for sale on E-Bay.
Jim Lema

Why all these conversions with open fenders, flares, hood scoops etc.? Where can I get a properly done conversion that has the dignified look of a regular MGB or GT but really well-sorted V8 driveline?

Is the radiator missing from this car?

check it out, you can buy pictures of that yellow abominationt, too! only a buck apiece!

It seems that the Rover is a Olds.
Thomas Rosser

This thread was discussed between 20/11/2002 and 23/11/2002

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