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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - MGBGT Sebring Body Kit

I am looking for a Sebring Body kit for a MGBGT. Can any one tell me where to find one, preferably in the United States but any location will work. Thanks

One of the last times I spoke with Moss motors they had the GT kit. Also proper MG.

There is a company in Florida that makes the fiberglass parts for the sebring kit. Price is around $500. Haven't seen the quality or finished product. I'll get to you with the E-mail address or phone # later as I have that not available right now.
werner van clapdurp

Just got the sale flyer from Brittek and they have the kit on sale for $695.95 the front and rear valance are additional.

There are two major options for the Sebring Kit that I know of:

1. "The Proper MG" website has them built for the GT model. I believe they are in the US

2. The MGOC has a kit for either the Roadster or Gt and is a much lower price. It is located in britain though.

Charlie Robbins

I used a UK based manufacturer who supplied me a set of Sebring panels at 2/3 the cost off a retail supplier. I believe they export to.

I must add that I was not happy with the fit of the front right wing, but a set I got from a main supplier 10 years earlier had the same fault.

Honeybourne Mouldings
Station Road
Off Birmingham Road
B49 5EQ
Tel & Fax 01789 76 2071

Nick Smallwood

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