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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Miata motor in a B

Wondering if anyone has attempted this swap in a MGB. I drove by a used car lot last week and was intrigued by a 92 Miata for sale that said TURBO on the window. I talked the salesman into a test drive and was very impressed. It blew the doors off the Moss Supercharged B I drove a while back. I think it was a Flying Miata Turbo kit on it. Looked similar to the Ford 2.3 swap I've seen pictures of.

Morgan Sellgren

Guy in my club just competed one in a RB car. Will see it on Monday night so if you have any questions, I can ask him then or I can pass along your e-mail address.
Simon Austin

Simon.. That would be nice of you. I'm almost done with a Rover swap in a RB car, but things get tricky with smog laws. A modern 4 cyl that would pass smog would be a nice car. Planning next project. Morgan
Morgan Sellgren

I'll pass along your address tonight.

Simon Austin


Carl Heideman installed an 1800 into a 73 GT. It was not an easy fit. The later RB radiator with fans and rack had to be installed, just as in many V8 conversions.

It should be pretty easy with a rubber bumper car, but the alternator will need to be relocated.

The earlier 1600 is a bit shorter, so easier to install.

I've got an 1800 out of my 99 Miata, sitting next to an MGA, so next time you are up here bring your tape measure.


KJ Dodd

No sweat in an MGA:

Same friend is doing one in an MGB GT and says it is harder than it was in the MGA.
Bill Spohn

A friend will soon attempt to put a Nissan Sylvia engine in a RB B, twin cam/ turbo 2.2 liter I believe, pruduces 225 HP stock. With his talent it should be very nice. Kelvin, this is Dave you met couple months back.

Morgan Sellgren


I gave your address to the fellow who just finished the Miata/MGB. His name is Ed Theobald. Saw the car; he's done a great job and one can't tell by looking at the car what's under the hood.

He said he should have a web-site up and running soon on the car.

Simon Austin

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