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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mike Howlett, Troon, Scotland

Mike re. your post in the V8 originals bbs about the Silverstone meeting. Try & get to the British V8 meeting in Ohio. You'll find the complete opposite. The "natives are friendly", the cameraderie is unbelievable, you'll meet some really nice folks & see some great cars & have a have a good time. I've managed to get there 3 times in the last 6 years. Unfortunately, this year I can't make it due to other commitments. I thoroughly recommend it. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Thanks for the response Barrie - Ohio's a long way from here, but it's also a long way from NSW isn't it. I'd love to go, but not this year. I retire next spring - perhaps next year then?

Mike Howlett

Hey Mike, I read it. It sounds like my experience at University. What was a thick Geordie like me doing at somewhere like Durham Uni? Playing Ice Hockey that's what - HA! so no-one ever had the nerve to go all posher than thou to my face.

Anyways, my V8 is now running, I think that we of the test-tube/frankenstein/canibalised/mutant (all of which my car is) V8 fraternity should swap reg numbers for next year and meet up.

I'm dying to see how everyone else solved the problems I had.

Liam H

I must admit I had a similar reception from the V8 brigade when I went to MGCC Silverstone a few years back, my V8's a bit of a hybrid, and not to everyones taste (sounds a bit like yours Liam).

Maybe an unofficial V8 brigade meet is called for, there are some rather 'original' V8's on the MGOC forum....Perry's is very 'interesting'...and Geoff's one of the neatest conversions , as Liam says, it's fascinating to see how we all solved the problems.
M Barnfather

Yes an unofficial meet sounds good. Mine isn't exactly going to be a purist's delight with a 3.9 EFi engine, Hoyle suspension all round, power steering, 4-wheel disc brakes, etc. etc. I just need to get on with building it.....

Mike Howlett

Is it a coincidence that Geoff King went down pretty much the same route as you, he must be practically a next door neighbour !
M Barnfather

No coincidence at all Mike. It was after seeing Geoff's car in the build that I mentally formed my project (my wife thinks I'm mental anyway). Mine is a GT though - I've had enough of the roadster. I don't know about neighbours, we are around 190 miles apart! Would you consider someone in Bristol to be your neighbour - the distance is similar.

Mike Howlett

Ah ...but Scottish miles are smaller than ours....or maybe the Scottish roads are just less crowded so it seems shorter !

I have to say that Geoff's car is the finest V8 conversion which I have seen, such a clean tidy one, hope yours comes out as good.
M Barnfather

So do I, Mike. Geoff's is an absolute stunner, but then he's (A) an engineer and (B) meticulous in his work.

I want to fit PAS but Rog Parker tells me it can't be done with a Chrome X-member, and I don't want to go the road of shorter front springs on a R/B X-member. Humph!
Mike Howlett

It sounds like you folks are facing the same very frosty response, to your modified cars, by the meet organizers and traditionalists that we have over here. The meet organizers would very willingly take our money but made their distain for the "bastardized" V8 MGs. About 12 years ago, several of us with V8 conversions were sitting in the meets parking lot after having our cars degraded right from the podium during the banquet. As Mr. Barnfather suggests above,we decided to have our own annual get together, open to V8's, V6's conversions and anyone else who is interested. This years meet in Ohio is the 11th annual meet and has been a great success. Last year we had about 60 cars and expect at least 75 this year. We have no judging or awards. There is a tremendous exchange of technical and "how-it-was-done" info, and a wonderfull time with others sharing the same interests. Often we have track time at a local road track and usually autocrossing.
Don't endure the crap from the traditionalists, start your own meet!!!See for more info.
Kurt Schley

Many of the V8 coversions I have seen or ridden in were much better cars than the original GT V8.

Better rear axle location or IRS.
Better induction system so more power.
Better exhaust routing
David Witham

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