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I have been in contact with Dan Masters....he asked that I share this with you all:

Thanks for your concern, it is greatly appreciated. We're still in shock.

Michael killed himself Sunday, but we didn't know for sure until Thursday evening when his body was found.

The funeral arrangements were finalized just this afternoon. The services will be held Tuesday at 11:00 at:

St Michael The Archangel
490 Arnold Mill Road
Woodstock, GA

Please share the funeral arrangements with the various bbs boards.

In lieu of flowers, please ask folks to make a donation to the National
Alliance On Mental Illness

Thanks, Rick.

Luz (Mike's wife) asked me to send her appreciation as well.


rick ingram

Here's a quick link to the NAMI donation page:
rick ingram

Mike's funeral service was yesterday (6/3).

Fellow Spuriite and MG enthusiast Carl Floyd drove down to Woodstock, GA from his home in Eastern Tennesee to attend the service, representing all of us.

I received the following e-mail from him:


Okay, I'm back in TN.

Got to my brother's house in Kennesaw, GA near midnight last night after going to my tell my friend goodbye Monday evening at whatever you call it where people gather around the casket to offer sympathies & condolences to the family( another funeral, in Kingsport). My brother kept me up 'til 2:30am watching UFC (people beating the sh*t outa each other. Why?!!) stuff he had TIVO'd.

Met Dan at the Church about 10:50 Tuesday am (traffic) . Shook his hand & hugged him. Told him I drove down for him, Krista, & Nico. Extended sympathies from my wife, Robin. Then informed him I was also there as the representative from The Spurious V8 and MG Club & the entire British V8 Fraternity. Hugged Krista & Nico. Dan was very appreciative of the response from all the Forums.

It was a Catholic Funeral Service. A good service that lasted just over an hour. I was very disappointed that Krista was denied Communion at the service because she wasn't Catholic.

Afterwards, Dan asked a good friend of his from Knoxville & myself to follow them back to Nico's house. I loaded the two plants (a floral arrangement from Mikes half-sister & a 4' tall potted greenery bush from the Spurious group) in my car as there was no room in Krista's car. Dan had to go for food. What happened to neighbors bringing over food?!! I stayed & visited 'til a bit after 4pm & said goodbyes (hugs all around). Very glad I spent the 26 hours & 600 miles to stand in for our V8 Family.

Dan, Krista, Nico, & Luz (shorthand for her real name & I'm not sure, but Mike's wife) all seem to be handling it well. Of course they have already had a week to come to grips with things.

Nico has Summer Camp the week of our V8 Meet so he won't be joining us, but Dan assured me that He & Krista would be there.

Dan is part of our Spurious Club & I felt that MIke is/was an Honorary member, so on the way home while driving 75mph down the interstate, I took off my church suit & donned cargo shorts & my grey Spurious MG V8 Club t-shirt for the ride home.

Godspeed, Mike!


This is the comaradarie that is typical of the MG community...and it makes me proud to be a small part of it.

If you have not visited:

I urge you to do so and make a donation in Mike's memory.

Thank you.....
rick ingram

Thank you so much for the kindness you extended to my brother and his family. I was very sorry I was unable to attend Michael's service, but he has certainly been in my thought's and prayers. He will be deeply missed by all.
Mike's sister,
Sylvia Butler
Sylvia Butler

You're welcome.....he will always be part of our MG family.

rick ingram

"He will be deeply missed by all."


Yes, he will!

The flower arrangement you sent was beautiful. I had no idea that you were just down the road from me in Greeneville.

Carl Floyd

I guess it is a very small world. Greeneville is a great town. When I found out Mike was missing, I had thought that maybe he could come here for a while and find some peace, but I never had the chance to offer the invitation to him.
I glad the flowers were nice. We sent them before we knew that Dan and Christa had asked about NAMI. We will do that as well.
Again, thanks to all of you,
Sylvia Butler

Yes, Greeneville is a great town. I was just there yesterday. I live between Kingsport & Johnson City.
Carl Floyd

One last's not too late to donate to NAMI in Mike's memory!


rick ingram

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