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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Minimum/Maximum offsets


Looking for some advise. I will be putting new 15" rims on my MGB/GT V8 conversion in the very near future. (I cannot use 14" due to Wilwood disc brake conversion on all four corners.)

I stayed (probably mistakenly) with the 4 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern (which narrowed my choices of wheels tremendously).

I tried a 15x7 with +28mm offset without mounting a tire. It appeared to foul on the front sway bar at full turn of the wheel in either direction. (I also have RV8 headers exitting the wheel well.) THere was better clearance in the rear, with possible fouling on the inner arch only.

I've found a 15x6.5 with a +34mm offset. I thinking I will probably run into the same problems.

I also tried a bolt-on MiniLyte fouled on the rear calipers.

I would like to stay away from using spacers, if at all possible.

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks in advance...

rick ingram

Try these guys. They make the wheel to suit the application. Not cheap but you'll get what you want.
Les Cole

Rick that's easy! Flare your fenders with the Dodge Omni flares, and put some true billet 2" spacers on the hubs and run 255/40/15 tires on your car with a 15x8 wheel. Problem resolved. ;-)


p.s. my 15x6.5" wheels with 40mm offset rub on the inside of the rear wheel wells, and on my 7/8" sway bar on full lock.

I have four Compomotive ML (minilite replica) 6x15, due to 295 mm disc and AP racing callipers, with ET offset -06. No spacers. Tyres is Yokohama A032R 195/55x15.
wirtz michel

Ric & Michel,

Would be interested in your brake setups esp rear.


Is that with bodywork adjustments?


Marc Gander has used Saab wheels which are about 30mm offset but did adjust at front, details may be in archieves.

Paul Wiley

I also Have wilwood brakes. Front Superlite calipers on 297mm vented discs and rear 273mm vented discs
Im using Compomotive ML wheels which have ET20 offset on the front and ET38 in the back although Im using 10mm wheel spacers on the back.

The fronts only just foul one of the RV8 manifolds on full lock. I always remember to leave the steering in the straight ahead position to save the tyres from frying.

Im using Yokohama A032 tyres 205/50 front and 205/55 back.


Mark, are the Wilwood calipers a bolt on?
I have a pair of MGC hubs (I need five stud) that fit straight on the spindles,and there are vauxhall calibra(I think) vented discs that I can machine to fit.
Have you a part number maybe?
Dave Lowe

I had some caliper brackets made out of ally. Rally Design sell universal aluminium bells that can be machined for the right offset. The 297mm vented discs are about 39 each which I think is quite reasonable.
I could send a photo of mine if it would help. Also a template for the mounting brackets.



Thanks Mark
Dave Lowe

OK, are all you guys rubbing the tubular manigolds at fuul cock, even with the offset? If so; would engine palcement (further back) circumvent this? In other words; what are the "lessons learned", would do anything different the second time?

Secondly, Can anyone give me more information about extending the flares with Dodge Omni fenders? So far I have heard of using datsun 510 (hard to find) and/or earlier VW bug fenders. I've come across the types used, haven't actually talk to anyone who did this?


Dan Masters GT has fender flares from a mid 80's dodge omni that absolutely look the part on an mgb. They looked so perfectily in place on the car it was frightening. I have a pic somewhere. I'll stick it on my yahoo briefcase within the next day or two. I would like to flare my fenders this winter, and that's how I plan on doing it. One of my customers said he'll weld them on, finish them, and pain the car for $1500. Can't argue with that.



I just gotta know...How much "pain" can one receive for $US1500? I may have to argue a tad... :-)

I've seen the Omni flares...and have jpg's available on a GT that will end up in me off-list...perhaps the same pics that Justin has available...

rick ingram

At front I have 295x25.4mm vented disc with AP callipers (four pots) and custom brackets and ally bell,rear MGB Brembo disc (Cambridge Motorsport)re-machined 270x9mm with Ap callipers (two pots) and custom bracket(wheel bearing retainer modified) and ally bell,10mm spacer for make good thickness of drums.
I have balance bar (Tilton) with custom brake pedal
and AP masters cylinder. Hydraulic handbrake and AP brake proportionning valve (screw type).Aeroquip hoses.Good braking.
No alteration to the flares, but I have Panhard rod for locate the rear axle.
wirtz michel

I'm using 15 inch minlites with 195/60 tyres. They just barely don't make contact on full lock ,by about 0.5 of a mm. I've considered putting a 1cm spacer/movement restrictor at one or the other end of the steering rack to idiot proof the problem, but eventually decided its too much trouble and I deserve a cooked tyre if I'm that much of an idiot.
My motor is set as far back as you can go without major mod's(only some light dressing of the rear bulkhead/tranny tunnel). Just off the top of my head, I think that clearance might improve if the motor is further forward which would move the exhaust closer to the cross member into the tyre "no go area", which might make for different problems. It might be better to swap the LHS and the RHS manifold, which would move the exhaust forward, not the motor. I haven't realy checked this out so treat the idea with caution


Could you send me pics and template for the mounting brackets, although I have SD1 rear, and any details on handbrake requirements.

Are you a MGOC member?

Paul Wiley

I have been testing a big brake kit with Wilwood calipers and our own hat that holds a 11 3/4 vented rotor. the wheels are Panasport with the offset from a Nissan 240-260 and they work great. Nissan has the same bolt pattern as the MGB 4 on 4 1/4.
Bill Guzman

Bill I always went by this information from this website:

4 on 4-1/2
Acura - Legend '86-'89
Buick - Special '61-'63
Corvair all 4-bolt
Chevy II all 4-bolt
Sprint '85-'87
Nova ('61-'70)
Datsun/Nissan - most models to '89
Dodge Colt '79-'88
Dodge Colt (early)
Mustang all '65-'68 4-bolt
Falcon, Maverick, Granada all 4-bolt
Mazda - 626, RX7 '83-'87 ????
Michael S. Domanowski

I really do appreciate the comments on this thread...should make life a little easier for me.

Bill and Michael...I hoping that your suggestions were available in a 15" rim (I know that Panasport is) ... but I already have Minilytes on my MGC, and would really prefer something different on the V8.

Bill...By "big brake" Wilwoods..are you using one of their four-pot calipers?



Rick Ingam

Just go to and do a search by wheel, and look up all the 15" wheels with a 4x114.3mm bolt pattern. About 33 choices should come up. You could probably get away with a 16" wheel if you're really worried about space.


Mike Domanowski

This site is wrong!!!! MGC are 5 stud 4 3/4 P.C.D.
Dave Lowe

Justin (Michigan),
Would you email me off-bbs, I would like to ask you more questions about that omni flare?


You are correct 4 1/4 is Ford I have been working with a 8 inch Ford differential and....
Yes the MGB is 4 on 4 1/2.
Bill Guzman

Rick, I am using our own hats made for the MGB only and a standard 7 bolt vented rotor with Wilwwod calipers using a special made bracket to hold the Wilwood Dynalite caliper or Outlaw caliper etc. You can also bolt a 6 pot but that would be to much brake for the street.
Bill Guzman

The wheels on Barney are a dual bolt pattern, 4 1/4 and 4 1/2. Designed for the Mustang. Useing the mid - 80's offset. They are 15 x 7 with 225 x 50 x 15 tires, they do rub on the sway bar at full lock, but only enough to rough the paint up on the bar. And we have the same Wilwoods so we know the clear !


P.S. Are we going to see you on Jan 24 th ???
Steve Carrick

Steve Carrick,

A little more information on your mustang wheels please. Which manufacturer and model?


Steve Carrick!

The mid-80's offset...I'm guessing you mean the offset indicated for a mid-80's Mustang?

No problems on the rear inner arches...or BFH?

No spacers? Existing lugs?

Yes, I am planning on being in Michigan on the 24th of January. (Jean, too....I hope.) I was Grand Rapids on the 9th of December at the Specklie meeting..missed seeing you.



rick ingram

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