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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Mustang Motor and Trans?

Hey, time for me to tap into the infinite knowledge of the board. I am thinking about putting a 98- up aluminum 4.6 V8 out of a new body mustang into my B with the Tremec 5 from it also. Anyone ever seen this, done this, or thought about doing this? It cant weigh anymore than the 4.6 outta new Rovers and the parts availability is greater than any Rover motor. Anyone?

Jarrod, better check, the 4.6 is a much bigger than the 302, which a tight fit in the "B"
Steve Nightingale


How much bigger? The 215 is bigger than the 302, is the 4.6 bigger than the 215? What about weight comparisons? You have any data on that?

Odd, isn't it, you can read a few magazines and find out every thing you want to know about an engine except how big and how heavy. You'd think that would be important information, important enough for the magazines to include it.

I have complete size and weight information on the 302 and the 215 - I'd sure like to get that data for the 4.6. That engine is coming on strong, and the aftermarket is gearing up heavily to support it.
Dan Masters

I think the 4.6L ford is bigger than even a 215 but a good bit, lot of width too..

Anyone want to go out and buy a late model stang to measure up for us?
Larry Embrey

Thats what I am saying. SOHC or Cobra spec DOHC you get atleast 240 horse stock outta the 99 and up versions. That and theres so much stuff out there for Fords, far more than any Rover motor could ever hope, not to rib on the new 4.6 rovers or anything. Anyone know where I could find out the dimensions for a motor like the Stang SOHC 4.6? I think it would weigh more than the rovers being a stronger and newer block but cant be that much more. Thanks

Give it up Jarrod, it won't go. I had one here from the junkyard stripping the FI parts off it. It's a whole bunch taller and wider. Longer too. You'd end up with slinky steering and *no* hood, exhaust would be a very bad joke. But OTOH, somebody is bound to do it, might as well be you. Sorry, I didn't take measurements. Seemed rather pointless.
Jim Blackwood

There are still more part available for the 302 than the new 4.6L. Sometimes finding Ford knowledgable people can be a pain, but they are around. 250 out of a 302 is not hard to achieve at all, I have a "twig" cam as my friend calls it, low lift, very mild spec, I should be over 270hp easy. Intakes, are very plentifull, as are heads, pistons, rods, cranks, etc. You could build a nice 347 stroker block, have even more power..

Oh, and then there is a ton of tranny options, T5, Tremek, BW T56, Ford AOD, C4, C6... all will bolt right up to the stock Ford bellhousing, or use thier own for Auto's..

Larry Embrey

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