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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - My own website!

Hi guys, after years of nagging my wonderful wife has built me a web page for my Brit V8.
Warning! It's not an MG but some of you might be interested.
Christopher Trace

Hi, Chris!

Great to see you here. TR6 V8, don't worry about it. Bunch o' gear heads hang out here. Besides, you're in good company with Ted, Dan, Les, & yourself all having V8 TR6s. I think Ted picked the right engine, though. ;)

Congrats on the website. Looks great.
Carl Floyd

denny 1

Car looks great --hope to see you in TN in June. I missed the IN event last year but met you in MI in 2004.
All the best
Gil Price

BLUE MEANIE,,, says like ta see ya in TENN..
denny 1

Can't make it to Tenn. this year, it's right in the middle of my busy season but going to do everything to make to 2007.
Christopher Trace

Hi Chris,
Looks great! My first and longest love was the TR6.(71) I always thought it could use just a little more:).
The only loss is the exhaust tone. You just can't replace the six note.

79 MGB/3.5 Rover
Kelly Combes

Hi Chris,
I am using "Safari" browser on a Mac - Nothing happes when I click on the thumbnail images or scroll over them.
Using "Explorer" on a Mac - When I scroll over the thumbnail I get a larger image.
Tony Bates

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