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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - New Induction on Discovery 2

Seen pics of this on RPI. Can't for life of me find them again!

Looks like it will fit beneath bonnet easily with no mods. Anyone got any details
Stuart Robson

Got it

Anyone seen this? - Looks good
Stuart Robson

This is the first I have seen of this and it looks good.
The torque curve is in the "flat as a billiard table" catagory and the power is pretty formidable as well.

Pity about the LC version for us here in Australia though.

Thanks for posting,

Cheers, Pete.
P Thomas

It looks pretty tall to me. I think it's one of those things where we need to take a tape measure and figure it out. The throttle body assembly sits at the front of the manifold, and appears to sit very high.


Yes it it does look tall - is it the BMW V8 ?

No, the BMW V8 didn't hit the scene till 2003. There's a rover motor hiding under there still.


I have test fitted this 4.0 with the Gems EFI and it is way to tall in the front.
Evan Amaya

Thanks for the info - Would have thought it would have been here long ago if it fitted....
Stuart Robson

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