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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Newsletter and Website maintenance

Hey all,
Dan had posted a while back he was looking for people to take oevr maintenence of the website and also take the reigns of the website. I just tried to search for the thread and did not see it, it may already be in the archives.


I am interested and willing to take over the website maintenence and updates. I will incorporate it with the MGB V8 site I already have many of you listed on. In an aeefor to be more unbiased, I would move my considerable MGBV8 Diary back onto my personal website. As well, I would probably change the domain name from to a more suitable one like or something similar, it seems everyone wants to see more than just V8's, but time will tell. I look forward to everyones input on that front.

DAN, can you get me the files you have from your website? You had allot of good info on thier that I want to preserve and use. I tried to get to the site just now and it did not come up, looks like the domain Reg is expired from the errors I saw. You should be able to email the old domain host to get the files if you don't have them on your HD. Just email me on that issue and I will help out.
Larry Embrey

I just checked the registration and it is good until 2005, so at least that is safe.

Dan, just let me know and I can get things started on the transfer so you can actually get a break from the workload.
Larry Embrey

Dan has done such a great job with the newsletter, it's hard to believe that anyone could do better. What are the chances of convincing Dan to continue with the newsletter if Larry takes over the web site? What do you say Dan?


Is anyone able to get to the site right now? I have checked and the domain is regestered thru sometime in 2005. But I cannot get the site to open.
Larry Embrey

Also tried it and nothing came up.
Jim Miller

It's working again.

Must have been the solar flares. :)

To answer your comment I will take over the site regardless of who does the newsletter. I read his note as saying he wanted out of both, but if he just needs a break from one, I will take the site and merge them into the best British conversion site on the net, and I will keop the newsletter linked in as well.

DAN, DAN, are you out there buddy? Lets me/us know what you think, email or otherwise works for me.
Larry Embrey

This thread was discussed between 26/10/2003 and 05/11/2003

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