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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - nissan 300zx TT engine?

has anyone ever done or considering doing an engine swap with a TT 300zx engine? i've always loved the smoothness of nissan engines and they seem to be built to a very high level. would it fit? is it significantly lighter than stock? anyone thought about it? why do the musical acts on saturday night live always annoy me?

jeff nee

Have you ever looked under the hood of a twin turbo ZX! There is not one inch of unused space under the hood of those things! In 24 years of being a mechanic it is the most pain in the a$& car, I have ever worked on. There! That being said, it is a strong performer and fun to drive. I'm sure a lot of the extra "stuff" Nissan puts under there, could be eliminated. It would be a tight fit, but anything can be done with enough time and money!
I usually fall a sleep by the time the musical act comes on!

bill jacobson

I think that last time I measured one, it was way too wide.

ahhh, ok. thanks for the info. my original plan is to put a turbo or supercharged rotary 13b engine in it. but i was curious as to what other interesting engines might fit in fairly easily. i guess the rotary may be the most fun choice for me.
jeff nee

How about BMW straight six?

........Waiting for the abuse???
Stuart Robson

Wildcat U.K. got 6 litre Rover v8s now, so rest are waste of time & space , but you need big $. STEVE
Stephen Foldhazy

This thread was discussed between 23/06/2002 and 24/06/2002

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