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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Nissan Gearbox

I was at a junk yard today and found a Nissan 300ZX Turbo(1985, I think) gearbox that looked just like a Camaro T5. It had fine splines on the input shaft. Anyone know anything about this piece?

This is not a Camero box, but it is a very good one & able to take a large amount of torque. I believe Dello Engineering in Australia makes a bell housing to fit it to a Buick/Rover engine.

Aussies, chime in here.

Jim Stuart

Dellow makes bellhousings/adaptors for toyota box's, I'm using a supra box which is very good, a W58 which has 0.78 on fifth, there are four other ratios availiable.There are also 4 gearlever lengths availiable, the longest("D") is the one for MG's.
The box is small, tough , very smooth and cheap.
I had to do a very small amount of dressing back under the heater and portside of the transmission tunnel in order to get the gearlever in the right location, took about half an hour.
I don't know if he also does Nissan boxes or not, he might.
It was about 420 australian for the basic bellhousing fork, bush etc. There's whole lot of other bits an pieces you can buy if you want but I'd suggest you set up your own clutch & slave cylinder (a one inch rangerover one can be made to work with a simple adaptor plate). The supra slave is way too small at 0.75 inch.

I found some interesting info on this box. T5s were used through 1985 on 280 and 300 turbos. I suppose that one could be used in place of a Nissan gearbox when doing a Rivergate(?) conversion.

""Power was supplied by a Turbocharged 3.0-liter (SOHC) 60-degree V6. This generated 200 HP @ 5200 rpm and 227 lb ft. of torque @ 3600 rpm. The gear box is a Borg-Warner 5-speed overdrive manual (4-speed automatic optional) and the final drive ratio is 3.545""

1984 Through 1989 Factory Five Speed and Auto Trans.

T5 Nissan FS5w71c
turbo turbo non-turbo
84-86 87-89 84-89

1 3.350 3.324 3.321

2 2.056 2.077 1.902

3 1.376 1.360 1.308

4 1.000 1.000 1.000

5 0.752 0.711 0.759

R 3.153 3.382 3.636


I know of a Bolwell nagari convertible that runs a 280z nissan box, owner recons it's "nearly" a straight bolt on to a p76,which has samebolt patern as the rover ,only seen this from the top, but appears to have nissan bell with no spacer evident.however, owner maintains the nissan box is borderline to take the power.p76 has huge torque from not far off idle.peaks at about 2000 good for pulling out tree stumps,or mooring a boat too, apart from the crank,its rubbish, blocks flex when the revs get up, machineing the crank mains down to fit it into a rover ,is a great base for screamer of a rover stroker engine.providing its a late model block,early blocks will give the same problems, strength wise, that the p76 had .

P.S. THe name Bolwell Probably raising a blank stare or two , built Australia ,late 60s to round 1980,they look like this.
they make most sports cars from this era [including MGs] look a touch dated,

Thanks for the link to the Bolwell. It certainly is a looker, at least from that angke. Where can I find more info and photos?
Derek Nicholson

Google twice, post once! 8^)
Derek Nicholson

get google- Australia- and type in bolwell , they made several different models ,One of the Bolwell broters worked for Lotus in the 60s, came back here and built better looking cars, engine options only limited by your immagination.

A pair of Bolwell Nagaris were featured in one of the high-dollar (like $10.00 US !!) British car mags that Barnes and Nobles sells here in the States. All of mine are out on loan right now so I cannot say which it was, but I believe that a pair of brothers, possibly airline pilots, own the cars. One was a convertible and the other a coupe. Rather nice looking.

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