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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil Cooler - Yes or No?

It has been some time since the last discussion on oil coolers. The input I remember was that there were mixed feelings on whether one is needed.

Does anyone have updated experiences, pro or con, to using one?

My car is a '67 GT with a BOP 215.


David A.

My take on oil coolers is that they can't hurt as long as you warm up the oil to a good operating temperature before running the car hard. I recommend using a thermostat in conjunction with the cooler for this reason. Try to maintain the cooler and lines at near the level of the pump so that you don't have dry start problems from oil drainback.
If you use a cooler remember that you will have almost a quart of oil that doesn't drain when changing, so more frequent oil and filter changes might be advised.
Bill Young

I have run 500,000 + miles on my V-8s (3500 - 4200 & 4900) motors & have pulled a 3,000 lbs.+ trailer from N.H. to Fla. to Ka. to De. with my M.G. & have been in 106 degree temp. for 300 miles & have never run an oil coller. I talked with Phill Backer & Dan Lagroo & thay say that this motor runs so cool, even in a small M.G. engine bay that it is a waste. I had a 80 L.E. show up at my shop at the V-8 teck in 98 with a oil temp. & on a 87 deg. night the oil temp got up to 185 deg. & that is to cold. I have a 68 rover with 400,000 miles with no coller on her & when we pulled the motor apart we looked to see if the oil was getting to hot & we found a motor in great shape. I feel if you would like an oil leak add the oil coller!
Glenn Towery

Glenn is correct in saying that oil coolers can hurt an engine if oil runs to cool, and if you want to add an oil leak install a cooler LOL.
I have used coolers in all of my HP cars just like factory installed them on my Z28 and my 454 SS truck.
One thing is to install an oil thermostat so in case your oil starts to get hot it will go through the cooler.
Also consider the area you live in. In Arizona I would say YES! In Ca. YES! Etc. in Main NO!
Lots of cars come equipped with factory oil coolers and thermostats.
If you oil gets hotter than 200 yes install a cooler with a thermostat and use fittings to prevent oil leaks
I would first check the temp of the oil on a hot day that would determine if a cooler is needed.
Bill Guzman

The factory fitted oil coolers to keep the pressure up - not because the engine needs it but because they also saw fit to give us an oil-pressure gauge and the punters don't like seeing low pressures.

Paul Hunt

hey Glenn, I removed the cooler after your tech session back in ' 98 and my oil temp guage has never risen much above 200....of course, the temps here in Ontario don't get as high as in the US.


I have an oil cooler with a thermostat and oil temperture gauge on mine. You ask if you should put one on? Probally not. On a street driven car it is not require or even desired. Depending on where it is mounted it can even block some air flow to the rad. Oil temp is about 185 deg. under normal driving. I sometimes run my car on the road race course. About a 1/2 hour of sustained rpm of 4-6,000 will raise the oil temp. to 250 deg. If you are driving that hard it may have some benifit.
Bill Yobi

Hey Guys,
I'm just about to sort out whether I need an oil cooler or not and so I am watching this thread with interest. I live in Sydney Australia and it can get bloody hot here (46 Deg C Max this summer) so I'm considering putting a cooler in place below the radiator tray (rubber bumper position).

If I do put a oil cooler in place I want to use a thermostat. Does anyone have a circuit diagram and list of parts required for installing a thermostat or is there a kit purchased from somewhere that will do the job? I also wish to install a oil temp gauge and was wondering where the best pick up for this was?

Any help would be appreciated.

Clem . Spriggs

running an oil cooler in Australia is almost a must.
Its fine in winter but in stop start motoring on a hot day especially in Australia, you need an oil cooler

are you in Adelaide yet ??
you need to see some of the Adelaide V8'S


Clem there are numerous sources for what you need. They are not electronic, they are very much in function like a radiator Thermostat, the actuate at a given temp. I do not have an example in front of me, but try they should have some in thier oil or colling sections.

It is basically a "H" shapped unit, 2 ins, 2 outs, so when cold it routes oil straigh back to your engine or remote filter, then when hot, it opens the other loop into the system which has your cooler in it..
Larry Embrey

This thread was discussed between 05/02/2001 and 20/02/2001

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