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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil pressure gauge

I am still using a 0-100 psi late model gauge on my V8, very frustrating as it seldom moves much beyond the lower mark.

I went to a classic car meeting the other night and found a Daimler SP250 (Dart) with an identical gauge, but reading 0-80 , perfect for my car. Unfortunately I did not catch up with the owner, but I assume it is a mechanical rather than electronic gauge (the car was 1961 I think).

Has anyone an idea where I can get hold of one, is there an SP250 club, ?

Michael barnfather


Can't recall the exact caliberation on the gauge of my factory V8. I'll have to check when I get home tonight.
I thought all factory V8's had the dual temp/oil pressure gauge?
As most classic British cars of the 1960's had gauges made by Smiths, you could try the company based in South Wales that took over their manufacture when Smiths pulled out of this market - they have a distributor called Gower Oaks in Colne Lancs.


Thanks Adrian,

That's only round the corner, so to speak, I'll give them a try. I found a Daimler site with SP250 posts on it, so I've left a message there.

I did'nt want to switch to a dual gauge, as I'd like it to match the existing gauges.

Michael barnfather

Factory V8s had OP gauges that went from 0 to 60 psi. I haven't been able to find one though.

Check with Clive Wheatley (Spares Secretary for the MGCC V-8 Registry). He sells V-8 bits and may have access to at least the 0-80 PSI ones (I think he showed me one at Silverstone this year).
Paul Kile
Paul Kile

I bought a new 0 to 60 psi dual gauge new from Clive about 2 years ago. It makes you feel a whole lot better about very little!!


Ian Buckley
Ian G Buckley

Maybe I am missing something.. The Factory V8's guages matched stock MGB guages right?? Why not use a late model MGB Oil guage, the ones in my cars have the 50psi mark dead center of the guage, and with my 302 it sits a hair under 50 at idel and a hair above running on highway.. If your not reading on the guage I would be worried something is wrong in the oil system!!

Larry Embrey

I have the stock late model oil pressure guage in my 79 Rover 3.5 powered roadster.
I change the stock relief spring and like the pressure reading I now have. I believe its around 45 on the guage on the highway.
Martyn Harvey

I don't want a dual gauge as all my gauges are late model ones.

The MG gauge is graduated 0-50-100, and the needle falls well short of the 50 on normal running.I guess it's reading about 35psi and drops back somewhat further on idle, which I understood was right for an SD1 engine. As a precaution I fitted an oil pressure warning light set at 10psi, this has never come on whilst running, so I'm happy about oil supply, it just would be nice to have a gauge where the needle was around the miggle of the dial intead of crawling around in the bottom corner.

Michael barnfather

The factory V8 oil gauge changed from 60 to 100 in Jun 74, changing again to 80 some time later. On the 80 gauge (like my 75) at least the H section is in red with diagonal white lines and the needle points up slightly at rest. The Workshop Manual supplement quotes 42psi running and 34psi idling, i.e. single figures and not the range quoted for the 1800 engine. Mine (180k now and probably soon to get a rebuild) runs at a tad under 40 and initially hot idles at between 25 and 30. But with prolonged idling on a hot day it has dropped into the teens, presumably with the loss of the ram-air cooling of the oil, rising to 'normal' again once I have been underway for a little while. However since fitting a Burlen fan stat (cuts in earlier) and doing a fair bit of work on the fan electrics (much faster now) it doesn't really drop below 20 now.

PaulK - I have been trying to get in touch with you, please contact me.
Paul Hunt

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