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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oil pressure sensors

This topic may have been talked about in the past but I haven't been on the BBS that long.

I'm curious to know from the guys using the "metric" oil pump cover on their oil pumps how you installed an oil pressure sensor? Whether you used this cover to attach the swivel filter adapter or used a remote filter set-up doesn't matter.

I plan on using the original B gauges so a mechanical sensor is the order of the day. I have a couple of these metric covers and since one isn't in the best of condition, it has become a test bed. I managed to drill and tap a hole into the cover and have used the original MGB oil hose adapter from the 1800 block to fit. Seem like it might work but would appreciate any and all advice.

Thanks in advance!

Simon Austin

Simon - the reference to metric covers makes me wonder what engine you are referring to but if its Rover/Buick timing cover, I think the manual has quite a good diagram.

Just confirm pse and I will send you a JPEG

Simon, you mean the Buick V6 "Metric" oil pump itself? By cover I think you may mean the flat piece which threads on when using a remote filter. If so, no reason why a hole in the same wouldn't be OK to take OP measurements off of. But why? ... the mechanical OP gauge setup is so much more reliable. Maybe I'm missing the thrust of your question.

i left the metric pump cover alone and drilled and tapped a boss on the remote filter head. i put a TR6 oil pressure fitting on it and am running 1/8" copper line back to the dual gauge.

Hi guys,

Sorry, I should have been a bit clearer on what I'm up to.

The "metric" cover is indeed the one used on Buick V6's. I'm using a 1980 Rover SD1 3.5 for the conversion. I read that the metric cover bolts right on to the Rover oil pump base (which I now know it does).

The problem that has arisen is, how to get a mechanical oil pressure sensor to work on this cover? I wasn't planning on using a remote set-up, rather the "swivel-head" filter adapter available from D&D Fabrications or Ted Schumacher. As far as I know, the swivel-head doesn't have a fitting for a sensor either.

Roger, if you can send the JPEG, I'd appreciate it.
Simon Austin


I bought one of those V6 covers with metric on it from a junkyard for five dollars then read that I could get on customized to accept an oil pressure switch and bought one of those for about thirty dollars. It was the same except that a flat part had been drilled and tapped. A Chevrolet oil pressure sender fit just fine, but the one from my í71 MGB was too wide. A couple of extenders served to space it back far enough to fit. So thatís the same as you did using the hose and it will work.
George Champion

D & D's swivel filter head has two ports for oil pressure feed - a 1/8NPT & a 1/4NPT thread. All that is required is to run a 1/8th copper or nylon line directly to the dash gauge (or in my case to the original bulkhead brass fitting located under the heater motor). If you need to sense low oil pressure, install sender in the extra port on bulkhead oil fitting.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help.

5 bucks eh, George? Hmmm...I think I paid too much. Must be the exchange rate. haha!
Simon Austin

Yup, just five Yankee green backs. I was really kicking myself when I next paid thirty and the only difference was the hole drilled and tapped. Now their both in a pile somewhere in the recesses of my garage because I bought a remake of the original MGBGT V8 oil filter housing from England. It was my turn to get beaten by the exchange rates.
George Champion

Hi Simon,
you will need a new bottom plate for your oil pump.
I bought mine from the MG Convertion Center in the UK, but it is the same that also can be picked from Moss.

There is an adaper fitting that comes with this new oil pump base. I fitted a plastic oil hose that has
matching threads for the pickup fitting on the pump and the gauge on the other end. It is an original item of the instrumentation of the Triumph TR 6 and it works well since a couple of years allready.

Greetings from Germany

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