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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Old Guys Don't Bounce...

they just sorta splatter.

Hi, folks,

Yesterday, while standing near the top of a 28 foot ladder, trmming tree branches, the branch I was cutting broke off and knocked me and the ladder off of the tree. The branch hit me in the head, knocking me unconscious, and requring 6 stitches to put my ear back together.

The fall broke my left wrist, a rib, and my right collar bone.

I'm very sore today, but I'll recover.

Luckily, planning for the convention is well under way, it will go on as planned.

It is shaping up to be a very nice event.

About four weeks left... let's get those registrations in.

See Ya There!
Dan Masters

I wish you a speedy, full recovery.

Anthony Morgan

Hi, Dan, Sorry to hear about your accident! Hope
you heal quickly. See you at the British V8 meet.
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

Ouch. That's gotta hurt. But did the tree fall down first or the branch the ladder was on? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)
That's gotta make it awfully hard to drive, or even to type for that matter. May be time for that computer voice dictation program, I've heard they have gotten pretty good by now. To make it worse, old guys don't get better so fast either. That rib probably makes it hard to breathe too which can't help, and lord help you if you have to laugh. That's a miserable state to be in. Still, it's better than the alternative. Heck of a long way to fall and not get hurt any worse than that, glad you're still around. Even if you are a crip.

Jim Blackwood

Dan I'm sorry to hear of your injuries. Guess you won’t be "riding the Dragon" as aggressively as you would like this time out. As Jim says, "old guys don't get better so fast either." Anyways, here’s to a speedy recovery. See you in TN.
Michael S. Domanowski


"If a Master" falls in the woods, does anyone hear him?" I'm willing to bet they could! Ouch!!! That had to's wishing you a speedy recovery...Should I bring some extra pain relievers in addition to Dramamine to the meet?

rick ingram


Sorry about your injuries. A broken rib is really annoying. When I broke mine I had a lot of trouble sleeping. See you in four weeks.

Al Wulf

Damm Dan, I thought I was the one with medical problems. Don't sneeze, that will definately let you know that there are some broken bones in there.
Hope to see you all in TN
Bob McClain
Bob McClain

Sorry to hear about the broken wing(and other parts).Best wishes for a speedy recovery.Next time hire the neighbor kid.See you in May.
Mike Moor

Ouch ! Hope you heal soon.
Counting down to May !
All the best,

Pete Mantell

Dang Dan!

What were you thinking? Old guys don't belong up a tall ladder cutting tree limbs, either!

Very glad you are still with us. Take your bone meal so you will heal quicker.


Things are a little better now. I can get in and out of bed by myself - with a great deal of pain - and I can almost dress myself. Typing is a pain, so I'm doin very little of it.

I go in tomorrow for surgery on my wrist (they're going to put in a steel plate), and the doc tells me both hands will be of limited use for a few weeks yet. No driving events for me this year. I'm not sure i'll even be able to get in or out of a sports car by then.

The show will go on, everything is under control, I have several local people helping me with the final details.

You're gonna love the tech sessions:
1. installing the Ford 302
2. Installing v6 engines
just 2 examples, and these will be DETAILED tech sessions.

One of the door prizes will be an MGB CB crossmember professionaly modified to take the Ford 302!

Another door prize will be a coupon good for a completely assembled wiring harness as described in a previous newsletter issue (it will be a coupon, because I won't be able to build it before the show like I planned).

The next newsletter will be out late though. I had hoped to spend the next 3-4 weeks puttin it together, but i don't think i'll get to start on it til after the show. I have some good material for it.

See ya here!

Thanks for all your concern.
Dan Masters

We are also going to have a Hacksaw Contest.

It will be a timed event to see who is the fastest at cutting a rung from Dan's ladder. When the contest is over Dan's wife won't have to worry about Dan when he is using his TWO RUNG ladder. :)

Sign me up for that contest Carl. Can I bring my Portaband?

Real interested in seeing that crossmemeber, I could even bring a stock one for comparison.

Jim Blackwood

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