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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Olds 289 or 300 (What is this and how hard is the Conversion?)

Would like some info on this engine 289 or 300 V8 engine. What is needed for this cost compared to the Rover 3.5L engine done. Will the WCT-5 trans hook up to the engine. What is the difference between this conversion in a Ford 289ci engine trans plant and will the 289 and T-5 trans hook up. Thanks.
The G

The 289 is a 302 block. The T-5 came in about a million Mustangs and is still behind the V6's today. So, Yes, they will fit and are easily found. You will have to use a specific bellhousing or get the appropriate input shaft length if you plan to run the older type of clutch set-up. Then again, if you get a "take out" from a Mustang you'll have everything you need. I would recommend the 2.95 first gear over the 3.25 gear in such a light car. You'll have an under tired Cobra on your hands and this doesn't make for the easiest of agressive driving.

Luke Staley

Slowsmobile 289 300 (GM) Not Ford engine.
The G

Unless your only purpose is to be very different, why use an engine for which after-market performance parts either don't exist or are very expensive? From your questions, it would seem that you are not experience with transplants, so why not try something for which information exists?
George B.

g, if you have not joined the mg conversion club you should, there is a club member in oh who has a beautiful mg with a buick 300 in it, i do not know a lot about it but i do know that he had to bubble the hood for clearance, it is an iron block so it is much heavier than the 215 although i have driven his car and it runs great, if you want his email address i can get it for you, jim ps, aftermarket parts are very avaiable for it as they are for the 215, check out lots of goodies
jim m

Olds never made a 289.Other than Ford,Studebaker is the only other 289 cube motor.And the 300 is of course a Buick,not an Olds.I agree with George B.,I think a conversion which requires little fabrication on the part of the installer is what you want.And the Buck/Rover is the only V8 for which all parts are readily available.

The only 302 other than the Ford I have heard about is the GM unit that Chevy made for the 68-69 Camaro Z28. Had a 327 block with (i think) a 283 crank. They made this to compete in the SCCA series, and packaged it in the Z28 option package for the public.
Larry Embrey

Olds did make a 303 c.i.d. engine in the early 50's, IIRC, that weighed over 700 pounds. Not too appropriate for an MG, though they did show up in a lot of Model A and duece Fords in that decade.
George B.

An Olds/ Buick 289 is a 215 block with a 300 Buick crank. The mains are turned down on the crank so that it will physically mount into the block. The rod and piston combinations are up to your desired compression ratio. If you want more info, D&D has a whole chart on it. It requires a special rear main seal and flywheel as the crank is longer than the stock 215's. There is no problem mount a T5 up as D&D also has the bellhousings. It can use the stock 215 heads or you can bolt on the 300 heads but, with bigger heads comes a drop in C.R. Its up to you. I am doing the conversion with a Stroked motor to 289 cubes with a Ford Racing HD WC T5. Are you talking about th FoMoCo 289 or, as I spoke of earlier, a stroked 215?
Jarrod Hills

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