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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - One more V8 ready to go

Bear with me for a moment. Last October the clutch in the '73 B went belly up. I had restored this car over the winter of '04/'05 and had been driving it for a couple of summers. I had put a used clutch disk in it that I found laying around with all the other MGA/MGB related junk in a pile so I really never expected the disk to last. I pulled the engine and gearbox and I really couldn't think of a good reason to put the cast iron lump back in. It was time to make use of the Rover SD1 I had purchased a couple of years ago. The Rover engine was rebuilt over the winter (std bore 10.25 c/r pistons, mild cam, mild port work 5 angle valve job, main and rod bearings, etc). The appropriate chassis mods to the bulkhead, steering column, motor mounts, raditor mounts, transmission mount and all was done accomplished the spring. I just finished installing the the exhaust system, the driveshaft and the 3.07 R&P over the last few weeks. I maintained the Lucas "federal" EFI sysem until the after market EFI arrives (Three months on order, I'm beginning to think I'll never get it.) In any case, afetr a couple of days of chasing around an apparent EFI fault which turned out to be a massive vacuum leak, I popped it over tonight. Wow, does it sound great, and it runs like a champ. I have a couple of little things to do to finish it up, but it'll be on the road this weekend. Maybe even tomorrow night when I get home form work. After a couple of very frustrating days, I had to crow a bit. Please excuse the self-indulgence.

Thanks for your interest in this disjointed, longwinded ramble.
Steve Mc

Congrats Steve, happy that your car is running great and it's ready to roll, perhaps you will make the V6/V8 Meet.Great place to showcase your work.
Bill Guzman

Well done,
Not only have you now got a VERY quick car, but you built it yourself, which is a whole lot better than some mechanically inept idiot with a (somewhat diminished)large bank account.
It is also still a classic car. There is no other car that you can do this engine swap to, and still make that claim.

Quick question, will the T5 fit in the trans tunnel of a 72 B?
Jarrod Hills

Yes, laterally. But I'm pretty certain that you'll need to make some tunnel mods on the upper part, around the area of the radio structural supports. Unless you put the engine really far forward. best, Joe

Joe Ullman

"Not only have you now got a VERY quick car, but you built it yourself, which is a whole lot better than some mechanically inept idiot with a (somewhat diminished)large bank account."

I'm paying someone to build my car for me, so I guess that makes me a mechanically inept idiot.

I guess all of us mechanically inept idiots that had their cars built for them should park in back of the motel at British V8 meets, out of sight of the "real men" who built their own.

Congratulations, Steve - well done! See you in Ohio?
Dan Masters


The back of the hotel has cheaper rooms, right? This is needed for your now "somewhat diminished large bank account"


Dan, glad you spoke up for the rest of us! There are a lot of mechanically inept idiots that frequent this board. Hey, there are things I can do and there are things I can not do...does the ability to know when I'm in over my head remove me from the idiot classification? I hope so! As long as they have cold beverages behind the motel, count me in...see you all there :-)
Mike Maloney

Im actually building a BGT with a Ford Zetec in it so being a smaller motor, I probably will be able to mount it a little further forward. Thanks for the info!
Jarrod Hills

It's Sunday evening. I've spent the latter part of Saturday and this afternoon doing a few shakedown runs. No problems so far.

This thing is gonna get me arrested. What a hoot.

Business travel will prevent me from getting to Ohio. Maybe next year.
Steve Mc

sorry Dan

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