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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Parking brake solutions?

Hey all, just me again, popping my head in...

I am working toward a new rear axle for the car. I already have the axle and parts I will be using all except for the parking brake..

I have a 8.8" ford rear axle from a '91 mustang, complete rebuild kit and clutch rebuild kit. I will be shortengin it to 52" face to face to match the stock rear axle.

NOW what have you folks with ford 8 and 9" rear ends done for the parking brake? I believe my parking brake set-up should be pretty similar to yours in factory ford form and I will be staying drum brakes.
Larry Embrey

Larry, that is a very simple solution, don't use a parking brake!!!!

Larry, call Lokar Performance products or Summit.
They have a parking brake for the 8 inch you cut the cables to fit, It takes about 1 to 2 hours to install.
There are some things that have to be modified in the MG when you get there let me know.
For the 8 rear end used Lokar part # EC-80FU the cost about $80. Best parking brake I have ever used.
Bill Guzman

I will probably be very close in the next month or two, just a matter of convincing the wife heh

What sort of mods need to be done?? Care to write up a tech article?? I could post it on the conversions website...
Larry Embrey

How much money are you willing to pay for the rest of the info Larry.

Ok! The pin that fits in the botton part of the handle and the stock cable goes through to adjust the cable. Tha litle piece needs to be drill to 3/8 for the new bolt in the kit that adjusts the parking brake. The stock pin is 5/16 two holes have to drill 1/4 to afix the bracket for the two new cables. Each wheel has his own cable.

I will be writing a news letter for the V6 community and this is one of the tech articles. Now if you had a V6 you could get..... maybe I will give you a copy of the article for you to post.
Bill Guzman

DOH!!! you big meanie!! heh

You goign to head up for MG2005 in Oly this year??? is NAMGBR meet up in my area.. my car looks like crapola, but I plan to get it and every other V8 I can find to show up, so you need to bring your V6 fleet!!!

Sounds basic enough, I look forward to the article!!
Larry Embrey

Yes, i will try to make it, I have other things going.
Bill Guzman


I used a parking brake setup from Jack Emrey @ The MG Guys. He provided some brackets & cables from an S-10 pickup. I was not entirely happy, so I bought a Lokar
kit as Bill suggests. I did have to add a bit of metal to the end of the MG arm to provide the proper leverage, but it works very well.
Jim Stuart

You actually extended the parking brake lever arm?? interesting, that would actually help clearance issues with the driveshaft as my UJ is RIGHT at the parking brake pivot...
Larry Embrey

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