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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Photos of the show

I'll go first.
My wife took all but the first photo and I'll apologize in advance for most of them being shots of my car and our son, but that's where her focus was. OK guys, let's see some of those great shots!

Jim Blackwood

Nice pics! Thanks for sharing them...

Also, I think your roadster needs a bigger rear spoiler... just kidding!

Good lord you painted the car fast. It looks very good. The wing isn't my cup of tea but the rest is super.

looks good! Talk about burning the midnight oil! Now tell us the truth, how much sleep have you had, in the last month!

bill jacobson

Sleep? hmmm... tell me about this please. Maybe some new drug? I wouldn't mind trying it if it's safe...
Jim Blackwood

Hi Jim,
Many thanks for all the work you did to get the car to the show. We were all hoping you could make it and I heard several people at the meet ask, "Is Jim coming?". Quite a thrill to actually see the car in the flesh! I cannot conceive of all the work you had to do to concieve and build the engine and the rest of the car. Everyone at the meet felt the same. Thanks again for getting there and how about a ride at the V8 meet next May?
Best Regards,
Kurt Schley

Do you have any photos of that flip front end? how is it hinged? what does it look like open? etc?
Tony Barnhill

Lots of people took lots more photos of it than I have, I sort of hoped some of them would show up here, and of course shots of the other cars many of which are quite phenomenal in their own right. I'll see what I can do but it'll be a couple days, got a rush project to get out. Kurt, you can count on that ride.

Jim Blackwood

Jim, Great shots of a great looking car.
Congratulations and thanks for posting and sharing.
Good luck with whatever needs to be done from here, which is not too much going by the pics.
Cheers, Pete.
Peter Thomas

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