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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Piston cleaning

Would anybody be able to recomend ways to clean carbon out of V8 Engine piston groves. Most popular seems to be use an old piston ring, but this tends to scratch and also takes forever. I seem to recall that you can carefully boil in engine oil?? I ve tried socking in deisel, no good.
Please help!!


kitchen oven cleaner works good for cleaning the groves and the deposits on the pistons.
May be you have to spray it on the pistons three or four times, but then everything should look nearly as new.


Carb chocke cleaner, then use an old compression ring from the piston set you just removed, brake it in half, use one end to clean the grooves.
This works weld if you do not have a ring groove cleaner.

Suggestion, wear working gloves, very possible to cut your hand etc.
Bill Guzman

I have an old dental pick (like the dental hygenist uses to scrape your teeth during a cleaning) that works perfectly for this task.
rick ingram

Carb and brake cleaners work well to soften the deposits and then stand in an ultrasonic cleaner tank until as clean as you desire.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Soften it using chemical and use a proprietary groove cleaner (I think mine is an old Hastings with bits of different widths).
Bill Spohn

Very Many thanks for all your input.
Looks like the boiling oil idea might be fiction? I will try the oven cleaner, but I think some cleaners can effect the aluminium.. so will have to keep an eye on it. I,ve just started the engine rebuild, so will probably have many questions. next one is about valve seals (see post)
Cheers all

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