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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Please recommend RV8 headers ...

Can anyone recommend a set of RV8 headers ... I am thoroughly confused by what's out there. I run a single 2-1/2" exhaust system; there are currently block-huggers on there. If there is any possible way, could you recommend a set of headers that can be installed without removing the motor. I assume Clive Wheatley makes about the best set? ... should I just order up a set of those?

Also, does anyone know where to obtain -- and maybe even the part # for -- the RV8 reinforcing rings that go around the inner fender holes?

Many thanks.

We sell a steel headers that work very well & I have a pattern to cut the hole in the inner finder BUT you will have to make the hole bigger with the motor in place.
Glenn Towery

Yes, Glenn is right. With the correct sized hole, you will not be able to fit RV8 headers with the engine in place. You also can't fit the headers to the engine and lower it all in. You have to place the headers in the holes, then lower in the engine, then connect them up. Leastwise, that's my knowledge.
Mike Howlett


Stainless or mild steel? ... I understand that the Wheatley headers only come in SS, and Glenn's only come in mild steel. Which is better for headers? ... my observation is that for mufflers/exhaust, mild steel gives a warmer, less metallic tone ... does it matter for headers?

Best bet is mild steel and a quality ceramic coating. The total cost probably comes out close to that of stainless headers, however the stainless oxidize when they get hot and discolor. More importantly, the steel/coated headers reduce significantly the under hood temperature which is always a plus. Theoretically, the hotter exhaust gas stream in the insulated headers will better scavenge the cylinder.
Kurt Schley

I have a set of Clive's S.S. headers. They are a little exspensive, but they are top quality, some of the best looking welds I have ever seen on headers, you get what you pay for! There is some resonance in the tubes, but its not annoying. Has that 60s muscle car sound. No problems with corrosion, leaks, or cracks.
bill jacobson

You can fit Clives headers easily without removing the motor, they have an additional section.
They are very good quality, the archives have many recomendations and contact details (you have to phone him).They are also very pretty to look at,which doesn't hurt at all, nice shiny stainless.

Just saw a set of Clives headers at the V8 convention. A set of mild steel with a silver ceramic (Jet Hot or equal0 is 10 times better looking.

Clive's headers are very well made, but I don't know how anyone woild think they are good looking. They are made from many sections of bends welded together. I am not faulting in any way the construction method, as this is normal when working with stainless, but the discoloration at each weld is hardly what I would call good looking. I have a set of stainless block huggers made by Mike The Pipe, which are constructed in the same way but are TIG welded with almost no discoloration.

Be clear, I am not being critical of Clive's headers as far as form, function, or construction, just appearance.

The ceramic coating will take more heat out of the engine bay than uncoated headers, regardless of the materiel used.
Jim Stuart

What is the cost of the Towery (or Towery-style) RV8 mild steel headers?
Bill Withum

Don't forget the MGB Hive in Wisbech Cambridge.
I've just bought a set of stainless RV8 style manifolds ( headers to you Yanks!!). The whole system was 395. Doesn't look bad to me!

Some metal polish and about half an hour removes the discolouration. You'e quite right about the heat removing properties of ceramic coating but I just like the whole concept of stainless steel, there forever and never rusts away.
There is a guy in South Australia who makes the nicest (albeit mild steel/ceramic) "tuned" mandrel bent headers I've seen, however he wants about 1400 Australian for them. The exchange rate will work in your favour (about half). They were on a WA car the "MG World" magazine featured a while ago. If it wasn't for my prejudice about stainless I would have got them. I believe he's associated with RPI. references in the archives

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