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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Price for Rover V-8 engine

I have met an individual who has a 3.5 liter Rover V-8 engine which came out of a carburetored Triumph TR8, complete but in need of rebuilding, which he is willing to part with. How much? "Make me an offer."
So I am here for some advice: What is it worth/what is a fair offer?
Marvin Deupree

I paid $350 for an engine similar to that in 1998, and I wouldn't pay more then that today. In fact, I wouldn't pay that at all. I'd go find a nice 3.9L v8 or bigger and use that.


Hmm......guess I got taken when I paid $1700 CDN for my 3.5 & 5-speed + bits and then went and spent $4800 having it rebuilt.

I've seen the same engine with FI intact going for about the same price.

Simon Austin

Well lets take a closer look. $1700 cdn was typically about $1,100 US for the last half decade or so. If you gave $350 US for a motor. $300 US for a 5 speed trans and $300 US for a bellhousing, then you're darn close to in the ballpark. $4800 CDN for a good quality rebuild of a rover v8 with all the ancillaries probably isn't a horrible deal. Not great by any standards, but not horrible.


Last year I bought a Rover SD1 car complete with V8 (100,000 miles & needing a rebuild) and 5-speed manual tranny. The complete car was 250 - what's that? say $400 US.

Mike Howlett

Yep that's about right.....I paid 400 for a running Sd1 Vitesse in 1997 without MOT, but it had only done 70000 and everyting was in working order.

The best bargains in the UK at the moment appear to be crashed TVR's, I would go down that route next time (if there is a next time) or buy a rebuilt engine from Rimmers or RPI)

Michael barnfather

I turned down a complete SD-I with less than 40K on it for $350. I ended up a year later buying the complete engine, injection, bellhousing, flywheel, gearbox, etc. from the man who eventually bought it for about $500. I saw a 4.0 go for less than $1000 on e-bay. Here is the link...


You shouldn't pay much for a carb 3.5 with unknown miles and running status. I paid $700 for a 3.9 EFI, with all the ancillaries, from a RR rollover with 70K on it. After selling off the EFI for $500, I only have $200 into it before a rebuild.
Michael Willis

Here's an example that just arrived at my house. Actually, I went to the trucking terminal to pick it up.

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