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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Propshaft question

Can anyone tell me if it matters where the sliding spline is located on a V8 propshaft?

I am planning to have mine made up from two propshafts I have(1 x MGB and 1 x unknown but with flange that fits the LT77) and this will mean having the slider at the axle end because of the differing flange diameters.

I know that normally the slider is at gearbox end but I cant see any reason why it cannot be at the axle end, except maybe the increased exposure to dirt and water.

Does anybody have any views or experience?
C J Bond

CJ, I can't think of any reason why the spline can't be located at the axle end, except as you noted for exposure to dirt.
Bill Young

You could always put on a cover.
A bit of plastic or rubber tubing to keep most of the debris off the grease.
Peter Sherman

No reason that it wouldn't work except that it adds weight (unsprung mass) to the rear end. The spline mechanism is heavier than the driveshaft tubing and plain flange. It really belongs at the transmission end.

Wayne Pearson

I am aquainted with the original designer of the MGB gearbox, propshaft and rear axle and put this question to him, this is his reply:

"It is essential that the sliding joint is as close to the gearbox as possible as this reduces the angles of rotation which improves whirling speeds. Some vehicles put the sliding joint in the middle of the propshaft due to crossmember problems but the loads on the props have to be reduced. NEVER put the sliding joint near the axle, too many problems to go into."
Paul Hunt 2

Thank you all for your comments.

Paul, I guess you have the last word and I'm off to the breakers to find a Rover prop.

C J Bond

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