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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - radiator

Which rad do I need for the V8 conversion is it a MGB GT V8 or a MGR V8 thanks
p Dorner

Paul, it's easier with the rad from a GT V8.
In the UK there are different qualities on sale.
Depending upon the local climatic situation a HD
quality might be the better choice.
Ralph Siebenhaar


I've used a standard V8 one from MGOC, no problems with it in the UK but it did overheat a bit in a traffic jam in Nice in June.

I have heard that you can buy them cheaper elsewhere, I think I paid about £120 for mine,I thought that was quite reasonable.

Michael barnfather


I also have a standard V8 radiator purchased from the MGOC but if I were buying again I would seriously consider a high-efficiency radiator from Clive Wheatley - £205.00 (outright)

The standard V8 radiator had battered fins straight out of the box and I was told they were all like that, it is also very marginal at keeping itís cool.

Geoff King

Do get an alloy radiator. Not only do they look great all pollished up, but they solve your cooling problems for ever. Mine cost me $600 Australian and well worth every dollar.It's about 5 cm thick and hangs down below the radiator tray (but a few cm above the valance). I figure these alloy V8 motors are great but if you ever let them overheat you are in big trouble, bearing cap bolts loosen, cracks form etc.
Some one is sure to be making them locally

"but it did overheat a bit in a traffic jam in Nice" you are too modest - blew a hose was what I heard ...

I don't know whether Clive sells various grades of 'high efficiency' rad but whilst the 25% uprated with the OE dimensions and fixings *is* an improvement over the standard I don't think it extends to 25% better in terms of cooling capacity. I think that number refers to the number of tubes or surface area, but additional tubes behind standard tubes are much less efficient as they already have very hot air passing over them. Every little helps, even in the UK, but improving fan efficiency made the biggest difference on mine. I don't know how the RV8 rad compares with the V8 but on the RV8 it does use a large, shrouded, centrally mounted puller fan and I think it is this which accounts for the better cooling of the RV8 as much as anything, that and the holes in the inner wings.
Paul Hunt

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