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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RADIATOR

I don't have a computer, a friend of mine is doing this for me.

I have a 68 MGB GT The question is; can I use the V8 radiator in place of the stock one.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark
Mark Carefoot

with four cylinder engines?
why not but what for?

Reading between the lines- your fan is running 100% of the time and you think a bigger radiator might share the 'strain' ?

Even with a V8 radiator - the fan would be on for most of the time. My guess is that your radiator is a bit tired and needs a new core ?


If youre running a BOP V8 you can use stock V8 rad but if youre running a 302 V8 or bigger than Rover you will need a bigger capacity rad and preferably Alum which are pretty pricy.
Gil Price

If your running a 4, 6, or 8 cyl that V8 rad will work fine. I have been told by some old school car guys that it is always better to have to much than to little radiator. If the engine gets to cool, the tstat will just close down until it heats up. THat is what is SUPPOSED to be happeneing during driving, the Tstat should be open/closing.

Depending on your location and climate a 4cyl rad if in good shape and with good airflow can cool even a 302 V8. I know I have done it. The key is AIRFLOW in our cars. I even got stuck in traffic on a hill in 85*f day and she never boiled out though she was a tad on the hot side. That was with stock fans which are the worst perfoeming fans I have ever seen. With the new 8" ducted units she should be even cooler.

Now if your In Australia, or Cali etc where it is 85*f+ all the time yeah I would opt for an alum rad and a good set of ducted/cowled fans mounted to it just for peace of mind.
Larry Embrey

The post '77 MGB's had the same radiater core as the MGB GT V8's. However I think the hoses went onto the top tank on the other side, but thats an easy fix

Thank you!! I have a Buick V6 ( sorry for not telling you) I was told by a not so expert that the botton tank is not like the stock radiator and the rack an pinion would be on the way of the hose.
My water pump inlet is on the driver side and the thermostat outlet is on the passenger side.
I just want to make sure it works befoire I order a radiator.

Many thanks. This is a great place to learn and get advise.
thanks, Mark
Mark Carefoot

Mark, your frien is correct, it will not work on the CB unless the tanks are reverse.
The MGB has almost the same capacity of coolant as the stock Buick MGB 11.9 pints=3 galons the Buick 3 1/2 galons (US) Almos the same capacity. The Buick has a larger area for cooling than the MGB and that is the problem. I imagin that in NM can get a bit warm so the stock radiator with a electric fan woud be border line.
One rapid fix is to add cooling area to MGB, on way of doin it is to add a small radiator, like a trans cooler that uses 1/2 pipe, this is an effective way of adding cooling area.
conect the hot side from your manifold/heater to the new cooler, the out line conect to the water pump side-heater. a trans cooler should be the stack type not the tube type. an old MGB oil cooler will work just fine.Install a valve to be aable to shut off in the winter. This system bypasses the thermostat.
If you further questions e-mail.
Bill Guzman

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