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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Range Rover supercharger?

I understand there may be a supercharger kit for early '90s Range Rovers that was pretty popular. Anyone tried putting this on a B? What does the bonnet have to look like in order to get it in there?

The only supercharger kits I've seen on a rover are the eaton type blowers intended for V6 engines. As,it's very small lengthwise, I believe RPI advises against it because it messes up even fuel distribution with a carb and low profile intake. On the otherhand, maybe you've heard of a different kit.Good luck.

Harry: You might want to check out centrifugal superchargers like the ones now being used on Mustangs and Camaros. They mount like an alternator, on the side and front of the block, are driven by a fan belt and connect to whatever induction system you have. If you don't have A/C, you might be able to find one for the Rover. The ones I've seen advertised claim a 45 - 50% increase, with standard boost level. I did a search on superchargers and found a lot of sites for Paxton, Eaton, Vortech, ProCharger, etc. You might be able to email them explaining your application and find they can furnish what you need.
Bob Fish

Supercharging was a development thread dirung the 1980's along with a twin plenum injection system. The supercharger sitting in the V and the twin inlet manifolds sitting either side. THe result was a massive power output way beyond the needs of the chassis that were intending to use it. In fact as I have mentioned on the injection thread the twin plenum system worked very well on it's own. Quite why the manifold development was not followed is a mystery, but the supercharger wasn't as the desired torque could be gained cheaper by enlarging the engine capacity.

There has been a conversion supercharger kit available on Range Rovers, using I think a Thermal Dynamics unit. This was one of the newer generation of higher efficiency units and the results were to take a 3.5 litre up to the power levels above that of any 4.6 with ease.

Not a common conversion as again the route to larger capacity is so much cheaper and simpler. However I know a chap who has got one of these engine/supercharger units from a wrecked Range Rover and is trying to fit it into his MGBV8.

Roger Parker

It in the archives but as I said before, in the current model Commodore here in Australia, General Motors Holden produce an optional factory 3800 fuel injected V6 with supercharger and 6 speed box off the shelf. Just apply at your local Holden dealer!!
mark mathiesen

Harry and the rest of us
theres a place in australia which develops a kit for the Land Rover Discovery 3.9 engine
heres their link

hope this gives you some more info

oh by the way Mark,still havent found anyone yet that wants to put a commodore v6 into an MG !!!
Steve Berno

Well presented site Steve

That will get the bonnet bulge BBS going !

Harry - with respect to Roger's advice, I have seen another arrangement back here - producing 350 bhp on a 4.6 - but it too would need a big bulge - incidentally it was for a French armoured Range Rover.

Suspension first for me !

Best wishes


Both Warwick Banks (famous MG Racer since the 1970's) +44 (0) 1778 590500; or

Jon Eales (best Rover V8 man IMHO) +44 (0) 1455 202909

should be able to advise and help with regard to Supercharged or Turbocharged Rover V8's.

Jon also has lots of interesting engines and gearboxes new, second-hand, and built to order.


Nigel Steward

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