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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - rear brakes

there is lots of talk about converting to disc brakes in the rear but no talk about upgrading the drums. There are contemporary cars that had alloy finned drum brakes. The drum brakes are adequate for the light rear end. Alloy drums would lighten the system and provide more than adequate braking. Are there any custom mfgs that make steel lined alloy drums. It could be a simple slide on conversion. - and look pretty good to.
Barry Parkinson

and, while we're at it...i'm going to use 15" wheels...what about just using mgc brakes?
Anthony Barnhill

Sure, but you've probably gotta get a bigger M/C. Nonetheless, what's the advantage sought?

Barry is right. It would help keep the weight down in a crucial place. I wonder if you could get away with just using Mini drums -- you can certainly get alloy units for that application -- I'll bet they have enough oomph even though they're obviously a lot smaller. I am also pretty sure you can get them for a TR6 -- I've never seen a TR6's rear brakes, are they anything like an MG's?

well, what if you used an mgc mc w/mgc brakes?
Anthony Barnhill

Tony, thank you, got the package.
Rear brakes can be improve on a V8 GT by installing RD wheel cylinders which are smaller. If you increase the bias of the rear brakes by installing bigger you will actually decrease the efficiency of your brakes. Need to prevent to lock up the rear tires. If any changes are made to the rear then the front should be also changed. This is not a case for just anyone. Learn about BRAKES before attempting mayor changes on your system.
r/ Bill G.
Bill Guzman

If I recall correctly the factory V8 GT did have the roadster rear wheel cylinders and not the standard GT items, possibly because of the harder rear springs of the V8 over the standard.

Paul Hunt're right..i need to learn about brakes (that's one of my weak areas) & that's why i'm asking the ?'s well before i start the work...
Anthony Barnhill

I think some of the Italian and French cars had drum brakes using finned alloy and iron drums. If the right diameter could be found it wouldnt be hard to drill four holes in the right diameter. If they were too wide you should be able to machine them down. Or you could adapt the backing plate, wheel cylinders and all. I remember I had a '61 Alfa Giuletta Sprint Coupe and it had these beautiful big finned drum brakes. The '70's Buicks also had the same. But they would be way too big for an MG front end let alone rear.
Barry Parkinson


I don't know of any ally direct replacement drums for the B but I reckon you might like to take a look at:

These guys do some internally grooved drums(made by Tarox?) and some very exotic linings to go with them.Their cat is also full of other goodies like ally rads etc.

Personally I think that the 10" B drums are very good-the main problem lies with the adjuster which is too coarse and prone to stripping.I also reckon that the only way to get this right is to have the shoes 'arced' ie turned to suit the drum diameter.(This practice was stoppedbecause of asbestos but this now should not be such a problem.
I would experiment with an adjuster 'pyramid' that ahad been machined into a cone and use a lock nut on a machined surface on the adjuster body.The critical thing would to be to not set the shoes too close as they expand with heat and may lock on.
It would be interesting to experiment with this-I'm afraid that I went the whole hog and fitted automatically adjusting rear disc more long pedal because the rears have gone out of adjustment after two weeks and the hand brake is just where you want it every time.......

Regards JB
John Bourke

I've searched the net and discovered there are alloy drum brakes offered for the Mini by Moss International and others. Q what is the wheel bolt pattern for the Mini? and could you adapt the back plate etc to a MGB axle?
There are alloy drums offered for Triumph's 9" drum same wheel bolt pattern, but again how about adapting to the mgb axle housing?
Barry Parkinson

ps I see the mg rear brake is 10" diameter, the Triumph 9" - the triumph more power and weight and less rear brake. That's probably why you can buy alloy hi performance brake drums for the tri but not the mgb
the mgb is 1.75" wide. I don't know the width of the tri brake
Barry Parkinson

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