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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Reasonable T-5 Price?

I've been in the V8 dream stage for quite some time. (70 BGT - planning Buick 215 stoker motor.) Maybe a large component buy would get me going. Local garage has a used T-5 for $550. He claims it came from an 88 Camaro. As of yet I haven't been able to get the code from the tag. (It has one, only its extremely hard to read.) So the question; Is this a fair price, assuming the trans is in fair to good shape? Price includes transmission, camaro bell housing (of no use), and a pressure plate and clutch (claimed to be in good shape, will assume it is not, or that it will not fit my application). Comment?

Just my two cents worth!.....
i bought mine from a junk yard for 650.Tore it apart about a month later to check it out, it was in need of a new input shaft,new bearings seals etc.So i thought i would put it back together and return it......Wrong answer,not returnable after 30 days....enough said.Be sure the g box is in good shape check the input shaft for play there should be none,shift it through the gears and turn the input shaft and check for binding if thats good pull the drain plug and check that (on later T5s) there is indeed ATF fluid not Hypiod gear oil....this is what caused the damage in the box i bought!If in doubt dont buy.Hanlon motor sports sells brand new ones for about $1100.00 or there abouts,being that i have almost this in mine!
Good luck

Check to see if it is frome a V-8 or V-6. If it is a V-6 you will have to do rearend work as well. If my memory is correct the V-6 has 26 splines on the input shaft.

I got my T5 last summer from a 94 Camaro V6 which is just what I needed for my 3.4 L V6 conversion. It was $400.00 plus shipping from NC to Pittsburgh.
The clutch and pressure plate run about $300 so what you are offered may be a bargain in that regard.
The V6 version is 26 spline and has a very low first gear so you will need a higher rear end ratio if first is to be at all usable.
Thomas Rynne

My '91 Camoro V8 "world class" bare T-5 came from a junkyard for $600 Canadian. It all checks out per Dave's two cents, but is a long time away from the big test! Threads report hardened gears in '91 hence the "world class" rather arogant denotation.

Prices vary widely. I HIGHLY suggest you check ebay. In the past I have seen rebuilt T5's go for the 500-600 range. I bought a Mustang WC T5 for $210 delivered. But I Got lucky.
Larry Embrey

If you're not aware of the internal differences of the World Class from the Non-World Class T-5 transmissions, visit this site:

Here you'll find detailed internal pics of the taper roller bearings that allow the WC to carry more h.p. than the NWC.
We have both the close ratio V-8 version and the wide ratio V-6 version of NWC T-5's and as far as I can see-for a road-going MGB retro fit, the WC version gives you mostly bragging rights and little else over the NWC by the time you put a few bucks into replacing worn bearings and seals which you'd presumably do for any used tranny unless it had been rebuilt or was in excellent condition but let's be honest, there's usually a little play to be felt on the input shaft of any used 4 or 5 speed GN style transmission.
Ah yes, given the choice between a WC and NWC in equally good condition and at the same price, gimme the WC- we're talking bragging rights here....
My 02's worth,
john morgan

Most important thing to look for is the ratios. Having a 2.95 first gear and a .63 od. allows the use of the standard 3.9 axle. A gear box like this will run 500-600 used in Non World Class (NWC) GM version and 600-700 in used in WC. Get the GM version as they will require no adaptation to the buick or olds. If using a Rover you could consider a Mustang version. Rebuilt NWC's run about $900--Check D&D, he has them. As far as which is better NWC or WC--the NWC has brass syncho's--Nascar uses brass synchro's. If you ask me about bragging rights--I would say what's good for NASCAR should be good for me.
James Johanski

I have a hybrid, parts from several sources, GM NWC with the 26 spline input, 2.95 first and 0.73 od gear, using a 3.31 cwp set. The under-the-table builder that I got it from said it'd be 'plenty strong' for my application, around 200 bhp. He's been supplying these for over 15 years; the proof is to be seen. I paid an even thou...but I have a tendency to buy high.

Joe Ullman

At the site mentioned above, "" there's a great deal of useful technical information to be gained on the T-5 if you link into the "Gearzone" Archives and the BBS. there's also a very useful Tag ID program where you can enter the tag # from any orphaned T-5 transmission and you'll get an instant identification of the year, model and engine/transmission combination of the donor vehicle of the transmission. Very interesting site.
john morgan

The cost for a rebuilt trans is about $600 to $800
I have bought used transmissions for $75.00 At the Pic-a-Part Junk Yard, which means you take out the trans.

Allot of confusion on the gear ratios between the V8 and the V6. First the V6 output is at 2700 rpm (botton side)But it should be run at around 2900 to 3000 rpm to make used of the power.

The gear ratio for first gear is: MGB 3.44:1
GM T-5 Standard V8
GM T-5 Standard V6
GM T-5 Optional
Bill Guzman

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