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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rebuilt Buick 300 on ebay

Hi Guys,

I just saw this on ebay. It would certainly make a great conversion.

(I have no interest/connection to this seller)


Pete Mantell

Sure would. Probably go for a good bit less than it cost to build too.

Jim Blackwood

It doesn't have the same bellhousing shape as the 215, does it?
Richard Morris

The seller says it weighs about 90 pounds less than a TR6 motor. If that's true, then it weighs about 55 pounds less than a Ford 302. Does anyone know if that's true?

If it's true, wow! If so, then the Buick 300 will soon replace the 215 AND the 302 as the V8 of choice.
Dan Masters

You can take your tongue out of your cheek now, Dan!


We all know that the 300 is made out of "special light-weight cast iron"

rick ingram

Hi Dan,

According to some websites the 64 Buick 300 weighs in at 405 lbs dry.
So it does weigh less than the Ford 302 with Aluminum heads at 425lbs.
But unfortunately, as we all know it is fairly rare compared to the BOPR engine and aftermarket support is not very well supported.
The best bet for light weight and displacement is still the BOPR block with the 300 crank.

See you all in August.


Pete Mantell

The 300 Buick uses a corporate BOP bell housing that is different than the 215. These are cheap and very available.
Jim Stuart

And there's more. 300's were made for several years and the aluminum heads are a bolt-on for the later blocks and also a direct bolt-on for the early 340 blocks, although getting an alloy intake on the 340 isn't especially easy. But it can be done. Also, the Buick crowd favors the iron heads over the alloy ones because they flow better, however the alloy heads can be fitted with larger valves and a moderate porting job yields flow numbers comparable to a good unported aftermarket 302 head. So '64 heads are available and come up on ebay every now and then. True, the engine is not supported like SBC and SBF engines but being the same family as the BOP/R and the 350-V8 and V6 Buicks they are not exactly unsupported either.

Mike More has stated that the 300 is 80 lbs heavier than the 215 and based on weighing the 215 and 340 blocks I'd have to agree that his numbers are very close. As far as availability, comparing the number made to the number of MG-V8 conversions I wouldn't think that would be a problem.

Jim Blackwood

Be careful, the rear of the 300 block/ bellhousing is about 2in. wider than a 215. This could be a big problem in a tight tunnel, like my '67
R Milner

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