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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Recomended oil for LT77

Looking for a recommendation for oil in LT77 gearbox.
Nick Smallwood

ATF (really; not a joke!)

And a lot of it at that. Get as much as humanly possible in that gearbox, which should be around 2 quarts. Even though the manuals call for less, it's MUCH happier with more oil.

Nick if you can get it, use Motul oil at the moment is ranked as the top oil for gear boxes. all of the top rally teams are using it. It's a high impact oil.
Bill Guzman


I've replaced the ATF with a synthetic gearbox oil, and the changes from cold are much improved....and it hasn't knackered the oil pump (yet).

Look in the archives, there was quite a lot of talk about it last year.

Michael barnfather

Thanks Guys

I have a stock of ATF so I will try that first. Then go for the synthetic if the change is tight.


Nick Smallwood

This thread was discussed between 06/06/2003 and 07/06/2003

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